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    Awesome Games Done Quick 2012

    Well, Awesome Games Done Quick is sadly over. But it was still a huge success. A grand total of $145,273.50 was donated to the cancer research foundation thanks to this event. Don't worry. If you missed any of the runs that were performed, you will be able to download and view them from the...
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    Fluttershy is your favorite pony?

    Fluttershy is your favorite pony?
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    Awesome Games Done Quick 2012

    I never did. I just support this marathon of awesome by spreading the word.
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    Awesome Games Done Quick 2012

    Hello Everyone. I have returned from the grave to inform you about the fundraiser that is Awesome Games Done Quick! The people at Speed Demos Archive are currently holding a marathon to raise money to donate to the Prevent Cancer Foundation and I'm here to spread the word. Here is an video if...
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    Rate the Random Music of the User Above You

    I'd probably would be able to take this song more seriously if the music video was not included, but it still gets a 10 out of 10 for making me laugh so hard. now try something different. yrcRopLu8MM
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    Ballos' FIFTH form? (Warning, creepy picture.)

    Holy crap. What did they do? Bleed Ballos dry and pump his power back into his lifeless husk?
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    Jenka's Nightmare Revived - Final release

    Re: Jenka's Nightmare Revived I already thought this mod was hard enough already. Why does it need a hard mode???
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    hey. Here's something you may like.

    hey. Here's something you may like.
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    What if Quote were in Super Smash Bros?

    Indeed. This could be very possible. One could anticipate what his moves would be or... if he would have voice acting... oh dear (I wouldn't really care too much)
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    Favorite retro games.

    How many people here said Super Mario Bros? :toroko2:
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    #curlybrace is dead

    Oh... Well its about 7ish or so where I am... thank you.
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    Nostalgia Ramblings

    Ahh. Good old cave story. Its hard for me to describe how I feel about this game. The music, the looks, the challenges (GRRRR!). I almost wonder why it can be played for free with a game of it's potential (Not that I don't mind that it's free). I could go on and on about my feelings for Cave...
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    Cave Story 3DS Discussion

    Re: Cave Story 3DS Announced! Well, I did find out that on the wii, there was something to change it to original graphics and music, (there's good old headstrong whyme for you :toroko2:) but I really did not give it a fair chance. I really do hope to see some great things with this new 3ds...
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    What did you dream about last night?

    I had an interesting dream, the first notable one in a while in fact. So... I was fighting Misery in my school's cafeteria with some of my friends... ...and sadly thats all I can remember before I woke up... :toroko2: I do with it could have continued
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    #curlybrace is dead

    IS it really? Hang on... *checks* Holy crap, it is. Could someone enlighten me of what happened?