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  • if you download it at the incognite page it won't download it, but if you do it on a normal page it will do, good luck
    jump equal
    jump not equal
    jump greater
    jump less
    jump greater or equal
    jump less or equal
    0000: JE
    0001: JNE
    0002: JG
    0003: JL
    0004: JGE
    0005: JLE
    je = jump if equal
    jne = jump if not equal
    jg = jump if greater
    jl = jump if less
    jge = jump if greater or equal
    jle = jump if lessthan or equal

    This information is all over the forums. Also, it is generally better to post in hacking q/a than to ask only noxid.
    Hey, look this, i hope you like it, it is not finished, if there is a problem with a copyright or something like that, i will delete the file ok?
    :D The life is hard.
    look at the details

    The password is: mario
    Ok, cool.

    This is what I put in, I save, play it, there is no music playing. I used Noxid's modding guide >.<

    Edit: And for some reason the water-dripping generator won't work in the opening cutscene.
    Hey. Do you know anything about adding custom ORGs into cave Story? I'm doing something with the resource hacker, but I'm doing it wrong I guess because it isn't playing.
    I would really appreciate your help with TSC, and LunarSoul is covering the ORG's now. So covering my TSC would be cool.
    I updated the first post on the thread with jobs. You kinda don't have one, but if you want to volunteer to make orgs, that'd be great.
    Me and GIR are on the irc channel, but I guess I'll just re-enter. And the <ANP animations guide you gave me doesn't have Quote on it.
    Sorry voyce. I tried all I could with the command you gave me.
    I've tried changing the code also. What am I doing wrong?? (Yeah, Quote was 0150, not 0250)
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