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    It´s my new mod :D
    hey listen.. its a REALLY GOOD MOD!
    did you do asm hacking by yourself? if its your first mod, its very very very impressive.
    the only thing is you barely get to do actual gameplay, and many cinamentics like breaking the wall with the missle - are kind of boring.
    the level design is freaking awesome, i love the new weapons...
    you are really something.
    i got it.. i played it really little ill play it more later and tell you what i think
    it works for me... try again? and why dont you ask me modding question?
    im participating in your mod i thought it would be easier..
    What do you mean by "editing text"? Like, changing the dialog, or changing the font?
    Sure, but it's kinda hard to explain.
    When you open a map in CaveEditor, the first tab should have an option called "Edit Script," or something along those lines. There you should see the dialogues on the map.
    When editing script, be careful: the text box has a maximum of 34 characters in one line, and only 27 characters if a facepic is up.
    Yeah I would reccomend Cave Editor, there are not that many resources or guides for SW. And I'll answer you tommorow, gotta goooo..
    I see you a friend request.
    I accept most graciously, old sport.

    How is a fine lad such as yourself doing on a day like this?
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