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  • Wait when did I say clammy?

    EDIT: oh crap I meant to type "calmheaded," but my phone autocorrected it.
    I'll fix that now.
    I apologize a thousand times for Hintak's tasteless comments.
    I am embarassed to say I know him personally, and yes, he does act this way normally (slightly less in real life, because he is short and weak).
    I have already talked to Noxid about banning him, I would appreciate your help in cleaning this stain off of the forums.

    More apologies,
    Firstly, I never said a demand buttload of respect. I asked you to not be a douchebag. I honestly don't know where Noxid, Ellis and you get a kick out of antagonizing me. However, I don't take kindly to threats, and I'll say this once. You need to back off. I don't care if your admin for the forums itself, or Chuck Norris, but I won't take your insults. I take nice non-threatening comments or suggestions. You didn't make one. You gave an imperious command. Good day to you.
    I'm unaware of anyone who's angry except you, who seems to not take hints of STFU. As I said in the past, I was willing to alter my postings, however, what you said you wanted doesn't seem to be what you want. Now, I'll tell you what. You can either end it right here, right now, or I can continue with my past behavior. You don't really have any base for you complaint besides scrolling a LITTLE bit further that usual. So, it seems to me that you are unable to be satisfied with a reasonable answer. Once again, I remind you of my "douchefactor" comment. I take things better if you scale back the douche.
    Well, I see my "douchefactor" wasn't heeded. Anyhow, it isn't. It's discouraged. If you're trying to help, you wouldn't provoke this.
    Others have done worse. I believe it is better to make an attempt to communicate the rules and hope that they learn from their mistakes, rather than administer punishment right away.

    If they continue to be a twit, then I might resort to a more firm-handed approach.
    Well, I guess I'll entertain you here. You see, you against rules argument is invalid, because it's not. "Fluff posts are frowned upon." There is no forbidden mentioned. However, your point is well taken, however, your point is not. So here's what I will do:

    1. I will scale down my fluff posts.
    2. However, if it's a direct response that is yes/ no, I won't drag it out.

    However, if you do request something from me, turn down the douchefactor a bit. Maybe this wasn't your intention, but it seems to be. At any rate, have a nice night.

    Oh, I see what I did.

    CPU Disasm
    Address Hex dump Command Comments
    00422615 83F8 10 cmp eax,10

    That 10 should be an 11 (counting from 0 and all that, eh)

    Alternatively, you can just set a particular flag... 5875 should do if I did my math correctly.
    I eagerly wait.
    Yeah, Noxid is willing to free hacks, he made me a neat TSC hack that displays anything you want in a little box above the text box (I use it for character names).
    He got it done rather fast...
    Well, it uses flags as memory to store the data (that way it carries over with saving). It shouldn't cause any conflict unless you used flags around 5760-6000. When I say it needs to be initialized, I mean that flag data starts at zero so of course there will be no physics until you use TSC to set it.

    Anyway, let me know if it works
    Guh I can't begin to grasp ASM D:
    Most coding languages freak me out.
    All I know is TSC and TI-Basic.

    As usual I only tested it at the bare minimum so it may or may not work when you try to apply it to your own. It shouldn't have any conflicts with existing hacks. The physics values are now flag-based so you will need to initialize them when you start a new game.
    I recommend you make an event in head.tsc for each physics configuration you might want to set for ease of use and to save space.

    EDIT: I just remembered I didn't apply the TSC command to the test executable. That's because I didnt' test the TSC command to see if it works; I just changed the values directly in RAM.
    That's cool, third option it is then. While I am OCD when it comes to saving memory space, using Floating point is really kinky and probably won't play nice with the doukutsu assembler.

    I should be finished tomorrow evening. One last question, would you like to be able to turn off the splash effect to have like Idunno, magic pink gas instead of water?
    Option one would be halving the currently given values for physics, so it would change with what you give it. Option two is more or less the same idea, but instead of only halving you also get to control the modifier (So, you could have like, water that makes you run faster for some reason). Option three allows for complete control over the water physics. So, basically the decision boils down to how much do you want to micromanage your physics. I can do anything.

    I am starving for work

    I need this :greydroll:
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