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  • Hey voidmage how are you.Have you ever played a game called metroid prime 2?
    ive realised that you are right about what you said.
    im taking the video off youtube...
    I don't know if they can do anything about it but it doesn't hurt.

    Also, I'm not an admin, just a moderator... I haven't quite got the ability to do that, I'm afraid. An administrator can edit post counts, but I don't know if either of them would do it for something frivolous like that. Also the rule of "If I did it for you, I'd have to do it for everyone"
    Most likely a bot. One, they listed a game that has "tracks" rather than than a game track. Two, their name is an uncapitalized concatenation of two random english surnames. Thirdly, the sig of course. One of those bots that targets threads and tries to advertise something vaguely related to the topic.
    CPU Disasm
    Address Hex dump Command Comments
    00465F04 |. C781 A4000000 mov dword ptr [ecx+0A4],0A
    00465F0E |. EB 0D jmp short 00465F1D
    00465F10 |> 8B55 08 mov edx,[ebp+8]
    00465F13 |. C782 A4000000 mov dword ptr [edx+0A4],0
    well.. I don't know what you're doing wrong :s
    try pressing ALL the buttons. that is my only advice.
    It depends, do you have a 64-bit OS? Because if so, old Olly sadly won't work.
    Also, wow, that's a lot of messages :0
    Yes, unless there is some other block type I'm not aware of, that is the only location I can find modifications to the HP. The 0 is in fact for when it hits the ground.
    Well it ended with an I after the period but I have no idea what I was about to say...
    More or less variables, a better description would be a pointer to the variable though.

    I didn't see the edit. Uhh, unknown identifier, that means.. you spelled the register wrong or perhaps you're using ollyV2 and trying to make it parse [local.1] which is a retarted thing for it to show and yet another reason why I like the old Olly better.
    Hmm, are you sure that's the right value? Or do the blocks not share the same line of code for both sizes? {These blocks are the smaller ones}
    I still got WTFpwned with 10 damage, and I can see the value at offset 0045DFE0 clearly reads 5.
    And for curiosity's sake, what's the 0 value for? When the blocks hit the ground and bounce slightly? They never do damage after that.
    No no, [E_X+A4] is damage. The values are 0A, and 0
    And, wall collisions should be the same as hitrect for bullets. I
    I think CE can edit bullet hitrects
    Doesn't the value in the table... Ohh.. there is no value.
    Well good news, it turns out I accidentally missed about half of the code.
    CPU Disasm
    Address Hex dump Command Comments
    0045DFE0 |. C782 A4000000 mov dword ptr [edx+0A4],0A
    0045DFEA |. EB 0D jmp short 0045DFF9
    0045DFEC |> 8B45 08 mov eax,[ebp+8]
    0045DFEF |. C780 A4000000 mov dword ptr [eax+0A4],0
    Quote tag's gonna mess it all up but I trust you can extract the necessary offsets, yes? +A4 is damage.
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