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    Which is the hardest boss in Cave Story?

    Balrog, Omega, and Monster X are all made of metal. The rest of the bosses are made of weaker materials. Which of these 3 is hardest? Balrog tends to fall from large distances a lot; we don't know so much about the others. Maybe we can find clues as to the composition of their metals.
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    Is cave story+ a dark game?

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    Cave Story puns

    what flavor Mimiga tastes best
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    Cave Story puns

    it's (my) relevant Cave Story fan work, why would it get locked? I'll stop making puns when the heat death of the universe happens. maybe.
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    Cave Story puns

    what happens when Quote gets pulled over?
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    Cave Story fandom name poll

    Spelunk'er? I just met 'er
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    NES Hacking

    Any of you around here do NES hacking? I've been starting on it somewhat, lately. 6502 assembly isn't too hard, and the tile editing's pretty easy with something like Tile Molester. I've been writing a script that inserts music into Kid Icarus if you write it in a text file in a format like A#5...
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    Cave Story fandom name poll

    how about bromigmas?
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    mario vs quote

    Quote has guns and all Mario can do it jump, of course Quote would win, unless Mario had the giant mushroom from NSMB. If he only had a flower, then it might be even.
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    Notable Moments in IRC

    [21:59] <Jack_Xanth> if a sharpie melted in my ass i would consider fighting crime with my super-heated anus
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    I suck at video games
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    The Well- DualHack

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    'this is a test

    Nice Firefox version you've got there Gardebiter. :critter: