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  • Seven, now, I suppose. I usually make them up right before switching to a new one. The only exception thusfar would be my (maybe next?) avatar which I made a while ago but am waiting for a special event to unleash.

    I keep a gallery of my previous booster avatars in my album, among other things.
    But... I'm saying this form a level 50+ player's view.

    Seriously. It takes like over 5 million to get to the next levels
    remember that thread about making smiley words?
    that was my record :3
    and thanks for the wishes :D
    No, they're one company. Three people. You know, like Burger & Green?

    Yes, the heroes will eventually meet the Big Bad if the game lasts long enough.

    I doubt you'll be able to be the Dragon In Chief (though you may THINK that you are), because the Big Bad is just that Bad. Dragon With An Agenda is pretty much required, since the Big Bad is an Omnicidal Maniac.

    You don't HAVE to be one of the MC&D guys, you could be something original too. Or something I make up.

    MC&D's motivation is that the Big Bad promised to spare them and give them power in return for their aid. If you'd like, I can describe the Big Bad himself in a PM.
    Ok. I'm gonna explain the Expansionist trick to you.

    In a chain reaction game, have your team take the first two or three capture zones and let the opposing team take the other two or three capture zones. It does not matter how many zones you take over. The important thing is that you DON'T KILL THE OPPOSING TEAM! Basically, your team camps out on the capture zone and the opponents do the same. be sure to have deposit equipped for this. just camp on the zone and get money. Don't kill anyone.

    Now for a turf war or king of the hill, each team will work together taking turns of capturing a zone. you will capture one zone and then move out of it and let an opposing player take over the zone and then they let you take over the zone again.

    Remember the golden rule: NO KILL!

    If you kill too much, you will piss off the other team and possibly your own.

    For example, last night, I kept telling you to come to where I was, but you were more focused on actually winning. If you had just come to the third capture point and stayed there for the entire twenty minutes, you would have made about 400000 dollars. now once you get deposit, that amount will double.

    Its not about winning in this situation. It's about making money.

    Now lets try it again later. K?
    Ya. And you just have to purchase the WC skin to use it. You don't need to have the skin on. After you purchase the skin, select your pump taunt and prepare for funny.
    Hello... I apologize but I did get your message and I do have LBP.

    Now... I'm going to tell you how to get the "pump" taunt early. when you are able to buy the "Winter Chloe" skin, purchase it and you will be able to use the pump taunt without having to get to level 53 and save yourself 500000 dollars :)
    You probably missed it...

    This weekend was the Uncharted 2 Double Cash weekend...
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