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  • Can you actually count the number of atoms in a cloud?
    Either way, that hardly facilitates you being able to quantify fuckloaf.
    A PM sounds like a great idea.
    You know, I keep getting this image in my head of something like that Tabuu guy from SSBB as something ridiculusly dangerous and powerful.
    Let's mix it up a little... (MUAHAHAHA!)
    I want to be a Dragon With An Agenda,Dragon In Chief and Dragon Ascendant all mixed up.
    I can see this will pose a problem.
    But I need a little clarification. Of the three companies, which is the most omnipresent and powerful, and do the good guys ever meet the force that is corrupting everything?
    [EDIT]: Since mixing all this stuff up probably equals armageddon, maybe a previosly unknown God A.I. could be involved, and it's hellbent on removing anything it sees as hazardous to the survival of Netland, [unless I'm over exaggerating a previous A.I. that already exists] (i.e. the human race, which turns out to be the actual source of the corruption; they're eroding the world with something they're doing, I haven't figured that part out yet.)
    Sorry for the rambling, I have a bunch of ideas that need an outlet.
    As in, can I for instance, (this is what I was planning to do) pick up an object that comes from a specific main character in a game?
    On the Netland game, are you allowed to make game-referencing actions throughout the game? Oh, and how did you make up the Netland thing, and where can I get it? I'm sorry if I'm asking for too much.
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