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  • I love ratatouille so much you don't understand
    I mean, to be fair, it's one of the best Pixar movies, and an amazing movie in general. I'm not a massive Pixar fan and think some of their prestige is overrated, but I can't name any better films from them other than the first Incredibles. Ratatouille is a top movie.

    ......unless you are referring to the freaking videogame again with this post.
    God tier meal.
    @EnlightenedOne I am intrigued by your post. Why yes, I am talking about the video game in this post, but I also am talking about the movie. Let's focus on the movie, shall we?

    The movie is incredible. Stellar. It's one of the best films I've ever seen. The characters are incredibly well written, the comedy is there when it needs to be there (and is pretty good too), and the overall structure is incredibly nice.
    The soundtrack is also really good! It really fits with the theming of the movie well. This also ties into the art / art direction, which they did an amazing job with in this film.
    I still think that Ratatouille is Pixar's magnum opus, and hopefully always will. I haven't seen a movie that's made me feel more things than ratatouille.

    However, now let's shift gears into: The Game.

    The Game is a bit of a different story. Ratatouille released on 13 different platforms at launch, many of which being entirely different games. The version of Ratatouille that everyone loves / remembers well is the version created by "Asobo", which released on GameCube, PS2, Xbox, and the Wii. As well as a PC port!

    The Game is obviously just one of those early 2000's movie-tie in games. However, I do think it has some promising content!

    The gameplay is honestly pretty decent, and the story is pretty alright too (Although, I haven't finished it).

    My favorite part of the game has got to be the optional "dream world" levels, which are incredibly fun in my opinion. Especially when they come built-in with the ability to save your speedrun times!

    However, the game obviously is just that: A kids game. It was made for profit, really. However, it's a damn good one in my opinion. Definitely not as good as something like SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom, but it exists and it's alright.

    I understand that I talk on the forums a lot about how I love ratatouille (the game) so much. Which is true because I really do love the game that much it's so good please play ratatou
    i love tyrone rodriquez. tyrone is so cool and swag. i love him. i bet he was one of the lead develipo[ers for rtatouille for the nitnedo switch (poublished by nicalis)
    i love nicalis/ they have done nothing wrong
    they treated caves tryo very well
    new weapn
    All of my current-mods download links have been edited to account for the fact that I moved them all somewhere else, so it's easier for me to track them all in one place. Doukutsu club exists, but for some reason, one day, I just decided to delete them all off Doukutsu Club. New mods will be released on the site + doukutsu club probably.

    Edit: Forgot to put the link, it is here:
    Some of the older solutions would still allow you to change the files and keep the download links. Namely Google Drive, Dropbox, and MEGA.
    just have people email you a download request and ship them flash drives
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