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  • Hey.
    The FTP apparantly doesn't work anymore, and I never got around to saving a hard copy of the weapon offsets and stuff. Can you throw me a bone here?

    like if you find a useful something, there could be a thread to post it in, instead of making a new thread that it doesn't deserve.
    can thee in thine awesome majesty make a freakin odds and ends thread?
    I really, really want one and am sadly too lazy to do anything about it.
    WTF? story is really good
    pretty hard but i really like it,
    especialy at the start when you touch the spikes theres no annoying "you died want to try again" crap.
    Very good
    I love you. I'm going to break my rule about not playing unfinished games because you and your mod are that awesome.
    So, if one needed to move a post, how would they do so? (Oh, and I had no idea at the time, going on three hours of sleep really screws with your mind, just take a look at this. That's how screwed up my mind can be when I don't sleep.)
    Well, it was more of a question... In our high school, they gave us a few options of career paths. I went with computer/software engineering.

    It all helps, from what they tell me.
    Actually, I meant to say assembly. I was talking about it with Nate and that's what we decided on before I asked.
    Okay, im almost done with it, now the only problem is, i use gimp instead of ms paint, because GIMP does better, and also opens pbm files...
    Yo, Gir. This should be an easy question for you: would I have to resource hack to have two of the same weapon with different sprites and different values?
    Why the hell do i need to play YOUR wtf-story mod? Its crappy. Make it better. Remove those things that teleport you. Make the door openable.
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