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  • I don't mod cave story
    noxid already directed you here

    don't ask people questions about modding directly just put them there
    I recommend posting your question on This thread with as much information as you can think to provide. Perhaps somebody who has done TSC more recently than I have will be able to help you.
    My intuition tells me that you probably have an event out of order (All event numbers must be four digits long) in which case all other events get messed up. Maybe it's something else.. I'd need to know more specifically what is wrong.
    I'm not a huge modder myself, but there are a lot of people on the forums who are. I believe there is a thread titled something like "Quick modding questions and answers". Ask a question there and you should get an answer.

    If you can't find an answer there you could ask a moderator, or in particular Noxid or GirAkaCheezer. They both know a ton about modding.
    Lets see...
    First, if you get in a conversation with someone who has posted on you profile, comment on theirs instead of yours.
    Second, no bumping threads without a GOOD reason.
    Third, I USED TO BE A WHALE.
    Fourth, expect random things.
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