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  • Sure thing, go ahead and edit.

    Also, on the filetype: .pbm files are actually just .bmp files with the file extension edited. You'll have to convert it yourself, since my image host (Photobucket) converts .bmps into .jpgs. It's pretty easy, just open up the file in any editor, go to 'save as', choose the .bmp filetype, and save.

    One more thing. Pixel put a little copyright tag inside all the .pbm files, and set it so the game won't recognize it without the copyright. You can deactivate the need for the tag using Cave Editor.
    Aaaaand done. I'm much more satisfied with this hair, myself.


    Also, I know what you're thinking. And the answer is 'because I could.' (Really though, if you have anything specific in mind for the alt outfit, I'll do something a little more serious if you shoot me a message)
    Oh hey, it's been a bit! Sure thing, I'll touch it up accordingly. Don't sweat asking for changes, it's my job to make sure you're satisfied with the outcome. I based the hair off her faceset the first time, I'll use her map sprites instead.
    I do believe this is for you, good sir.


    Try this out, tell me what you think. If there's anything you want changed, just say the word and I'll work my magic. My main concern is that there's so much dark color on the guy that he'll blend into darker backgrounds, which is why I included the gray pants one in the mimigamask section.
    Quick! I need the ORB OF FACEPALM! Can you give it to me?
    We must act with haste!
    In return, you may have this SHINY BOLT
    Just want to touch base and say that I haven't forgotten about your request, sorry for the wait. Also, did you just want a faceset, or a whole MyChar spritesheet?
    All right, I'll put you on the list. Could I possibly get some backstory on the character and what the mod is about? I'll be able to sprite more accordingly if I know WHO the character is and not just what he is.
    Sure thing, you got my pixels. Could I get a few more details on your character? The more you can explain, the better.
    Nope, sorry. I'm terrible at spriting.
    Cripplechair was the one who made the facesets. You can ask him if you want.
    Hope you're enjoying the mod!
    You should really post this in the misery story thread.
    Anyway, contrary to their name, orangebells are giant black bats. Don't ask me, ask Pixel.
    I can help you with maps if you want. I'm pretty good at that. I'm sort of busy with my mod, but I can certainly make time for it. If not, then it's alright.
    I'm perfectly fine with every version, but I think you should make them a tad longer.
    I like this one much more than the others.
    Yeah, why don't you just leave me with demo 1.3, and sent me the full game when it's finished?
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