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  • and uhm.. are you continuing the mod? i want to work on a mod.. but ive nothing to work on. my mod has got me bored already.
    "i uncheck read only" ?
    you only got to do it once...
    get out of the folder and right click the folder Prophecy the holy sage-demo1v2 edited maps
    and do properties, uncheck the read only, click apply, a window will pop up and click apply to everything.. click OK and OK.. thats it
    you might want to consider light map changes, so people will get that its not only a graphic and text mod, because at first it was kinda like.. "oh cave story but with an emo guy?"
    .. so yeah.. ill edit some maps and ill send you a link to that k?
    What can I say, it's good so far. I'll edit some of the graphics for you and send them if that's cool.
    Shorten your location drastically, it's actually a rules violation. I'm pretty sure you don't want to get banned for something as easily and fixable as that, right?
    "Always" uncheck? You only need to do it once to the main folder. But it sounds like a begginers mod, which is totally fine. My first was just a harderversion of the game and it sucked, but I learned alot in the process so it was worth it. I think most modders here have.
    Your maps are having trouble saving eh...
    Right click on the folder with your game in it, go to settings, and uncheck (read only). You can't do much editing otherwise. Anything else goes wrong let me know, although some of the questions can be answered by searching the questions thread. Also you didn't answer my question about the graphics.
    So to continue our conversation somewhere where it's relevant. Your working on a mod. You said something about not having custom levels. Does that mean the maps look the same as some of the originals? Also, are you redoing most of the graphics, or just the characters and a few other things?
    its basically a trigger that starts a script once the player is touching its horizontal / vertical invisible line it "creates"
    give it a script and a flag #
    so the H/V trigger would probably be [disappears once flagid is set], since you dont want it to reactivate if you go out and back in to the map (since in the map you will simply use <DNP).
    if you do [option 2] it will activate on a vertical line, and if you do [option 1] it will only activate if the player is on the same tile with the trigger.

    anyway, say your HV trigger is #0100
    and flag id is 4101
    you write


    <DNP deletes the npc so it doesnt reactivate right away
    <FL+ sets the flag so when you exit the map (and dnp is no longer working because its only map temporary) it will delete permenantly
    <CNP is a random action i set to it.. i will change NPC 0500 to NPC *Smoke* facing direction 0000
    <END keeps the script from running into other scripts and ends it obviously

    try it out
    what can i do for your mod? is it your first mod? because if it is maps are likely to need some editing that i can go over.
    Check the help thread again, I edited my last post to respond to yours to avoid double posting, but that means it doesn't show up without looking as well.
    I can give you tips and help with little problems you run into, I suppose, but if you want help there's at least a dozen dozen threads already made all about modding, plus some dedicated just to helping. It's a pretty good chance any problem you have will have been asked before.
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