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  • I was playing your redesign mod and I was hacking it using Ultimate Doukutsu Trainer and I chose the Nemesis. It chaged into a melee weapon that dealt 8 damage. The icon was gone. Could you tell me if it is a weapon that you get later in the game? I still haven't finished it because jump at the start.
    I like your redesign, bu I have a few questions:
    1. I checked all the eggs in the Egg Corridor, but I can't find anything to lower the shield.
    2. Those Missle and Crumble Blocks...are you referencin' Metroid?
    3. WHY DID IGOR TALK!? My jaw dropped when he/she told me I saw nothin'!
    4. Why did you put so many bugs in the Egg Corridor?
    The keycard is found in one of the eggs. The control panel that lowers the shield is found in the same map that the missile launcher is found in. Check the right wall of the second floor, look for a cracked tile and shoot it with a missile from the missile launcher.
    Dubby, I believe I found a bug in your mod:

    When entering the Weed Map from Grasstown (at a certain location, see the below screenshots), the Weed Map never executes an <FAI. So, I'm stuck in the darkness and unable to see anything!


    It doesn't seem to be on your "known bugs" list.

    Might be related to this:
    I got the shotgun code to start working.

    Here were the several errors. Now, some of them are very important and possibly game breaking if you don't get Noxid's feedback first:

    1. In the first file (Shotgun.txt), use PlayerX and PlayerY for quote's coordinates, not PlayerXPos and PlayerYPos.
    2. The offset in the second file (the bullet file) is totally unrecognizable. It says "offset bullet0A". I'm assuming Noxid is referring to the tenth possible bullet, so 4055A0 would be the code for the machine gun bullet. However, I'm not sure if that's the right offset so you should ask Noxid first.
    3. In the second file, the bullet.frametimer was not defined. I chose bullet.frametimer=[ecx+2C], but I haven't done much bullet hacking so I am not sure if that's right. Please ask Noxid about this too.
    4. In the second file, Call Random was supposed to be Call Rand. I'm pretty sure that this is the right fix.

    I have already performed the fixes on the text-files: http://www.mediafire.com/?n4saepndpmqgepg

    The files will compile now, but they may not actually work in the executable due to my guessing about what Noxid meant, so you've gotta consult him.
    Oh god... I am so sorry you posted on my profile and I was inactive for like 4 months or something. Did you manage to fix the issue or do you still need help with the assembler stuff? :o
    My apologies. I had noticed your helpful information but not mentioned that I got it. I usually don't post anything short like "thank you" because it's a pain to type on a phone.
    I don't really know. I guess in case the creator makes significant advancement on that thread?
    It doesn't really apply there, since Schmitz is gone, but old mod threads are often bumped because of new content.
    Shouldn't have anything to do with the executable file. Are you using the most recent version of the assembler (0.4)?

    Anyway, the easiest way to try and find the error is to open the text file and ctrl-f for "49E658]", and then check for anything odd

    If you still can't get it then ask carrotlord since he made the thing, he knows what the errors mean.
    Since they both seem to compile for me with no problems, I'll assume that this must be a typo you have somewhere. Possibly you're missing a "[" or forgot a space? Double-check it.
    Well the contest mod itself is finished; that's only supposed to be a minimod, so I made it short. King's story is the mod I am expanding upon to make it full-length.

    Hhmmm..... Well, I was actually planning on having a modified version of that gun in King's story, since people seemed to like it. It was still going to be a shotgun but I'd remove the ability to boost you upwards. I guess it wouldn't hurt to share it though; goodness knows we've seen the default weapons enough times in every mod ever.

    It actually already does ricochet on levels two and three, but the spread is so narrow that it's hard to notice. I can send you the ASM source files for the Doukutsu Assembler, and then you could modify it to your heart's content. The more changes the better, in my opinion. As for credit, I dunno, just do what you think would be suitable.

    I like your plan for a mod, it sounds nice. How do you manage weapon-specific breakable tiles? Do you have the bullets change the tiles or something else?
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