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    Humble Indie Bundle

    I bought it. Not because I really care about the games (well, Samorost 2 is great, but I already had it) but rather to support the great initiative. Probably won't be playing, or even downloading, any of them.
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    Chainsawkitten makes music

    Album: Infinity Artist: Pseudorandom Genre: Darkwave (?) Year: 2010 Heavily inspired by Swans. Tracklist: 1. Feast - 3:36 2. Flesh of the Lamb - 2:14 3. Byssan Lull - 4:29 4. Mother Miracle - 3:06 5. Path of Needles - 1:14 6. Trollmors Vaggvisa - 1:25 7. Sleep, my precious treasure - 0:48...
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    Chainsawkitten makes music

    New WIP song In Your Arms Listen
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    My Developments

    If I were you, I'd post screenshots. I tend to not download things I have no clue about what they are.
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    Pixel's Wario Ware DIY Entry

    I think each developer only made one game. Not just Pixel.
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    CaveEditor again (beta, maybe alpha)

    Re: Let's hope for a possible revive Sounds like a character encoding problem.
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    Chainsawkitten makes games

    I'm leaning more and more towards notgames so I suppose my earlier work, like Ectoblood and The Ant (both in collaboration with Tischkman Productions) would be more likely to suit the fancy of those who prefer gameplay. I am, however, not proud of them. Edit: Mockup for an ambient PSP-game /...
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    Chainsawkitten makes games

    Current Projects Tale of Shadows Long lasting project due to the fact I never actually do any work on it. Kinda Ico-like in terms of themes (though I started developing it before I even played Ico). Pace A game started on the family's boring trip to France (I hate vacations). Untitled /...
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    Chainsawkitten makes games

    Same reasons as other. Single thread > Scattered remnants of threads all over the place Notice: This is just a few selected games. There are some more that have been omitted from the list. Latest Cliff Interactive pixel painting in Java. Any key to walk. Play Online Older Cross You're...
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    My Top 5 Freeware Pixel-Drawn Platformer Picks

    *Knock knock* Who's there? Necrophilia. Anyways: I completely agree. Loved that game although I sucked at it and never managed to finish it. I hate making top lists and putting numbers on everything so I'll just give a few recommendations on excellent freeware stuff. When it comes to...
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    Translation Discussion

    Hence why Pixel should set up a PayPal donation button on his site.
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    Translation Discussion

    You need both, simultaneously.
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    Chainsawkitten makes music

    YouTube playlist for reset - return - repeat added. I know that they're quite repetetive, but I personally have no issue with that. Possibly since I've been listening to so much Swans and post-rock lately. It's possible I would have died of repetiveness had I made this before my...
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    Chainsawkitten makes music

    Latest release Infinity Heavily inspired by Swans. Year: 2010 Tracks: 7 Length: 16:52 Genre: Darkwave (?) YouTube playlist: Link Download: Link WIP Nothing public yet. Older releases reset - return - repeat Lots of electronic. Quite ambient but still a tad drone and noise. Year: 2010...
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    Win a Cave Story wiimote! (Yes one of THOSE you are thinking right now!)

    Oh my God! You mentioned Mr. Traveler's name! PANIC!