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  • Im sorry if I do bad stuff. I just sometimes get a little too carried away...
    Just because I saw this thing that said "Most users ever online was 684, August 5th, 2008 at 02:21 AM."
    I love the new title, but if I think of new one, I will just wait out the set time.

    can you please change my title to something a little more alive? Like a cool title having to do with the Joker, would be great.

    thank you
    The Joker
    I never noticed this section before.

    Anyway, SP is sort of a mix between Admin and Mod, SkyeWelse takes the full Admin role, but he lacks the time, I myself don't use my Admin powers too often, but I keep track of what is going on in the forum. At least I did until I had a vacation. I am still catching up on threads that I haven't read since I was away. :eek:
    Ya lor, now that you're an ad as well, is there no one by the name of mod anymore? (and I just realised, you're a spammer! XD )
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