Access music v1

Here's my version of Access! None of these are remixes really, just the original with a different paint job. Could change.
There's some really interesting sound additions, like that strange buzzing sound that enters at 0:14. It feels a little heavy on the feedback for the delay, though. I think one of the aspects of the composition (at least with the original) that stands out to me is having that sense of pulsation in the notes. With a lot of delay, this tends to fill in the gap between the punctuated notes, thus creating a more blurred and muddy sound. I'm not sure if this is what you intended to go for with this remix - if you did, then you achieved what you set out to do. You might want to cut off some of the frequencies in the delayed notes as well. Otherwise, it's a neat take on a familiar track. :)
@Random-storykeeper Hey. Thanks for the feedback! (no pun intended.) Hm... The strange buzzing sound you probably are referring to, actually plays at 0:01, 0:07 too, but at a lower volume. Actually, one of the midis I was comparing included this noisy track. Ended up adding it as the notes vaguely reminded me of an old modem; the digital sound you hear when you pick up a landline phone on 56k. After all, it seems possible that Kazuma's broadcast signal seems to wake up Quote...

I'll look into what you said the next time I update this.
As an aside, I've been using a headphone setup that probably doesn't accurately reflect what most users hear. For one, the HD 650s aren't the most neutral headphones. Then throw in the Schitt amp and DAC which does an excellent job at separating sounds and I can only imagine how these frequencies come across on other devices. (Not to mention it was resampled for upload.)

Eventually, I should probably get some speakers (or neutral headphones) to avoid these pitfalls...

IMO Right now the main feature of these "remixed tracks", is the attention to unusual instrument choices. I'm not attempting to do much in the way of improvisation, as these are supposed to be mostly simple CS replacer songs for the mod. Or like I said, a different paint job on the original ;)

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