The Official CSTSF Discord Group and CS Modding Community Modding Competition! (MODCON '17)

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Dec 21, 2017 at 1:06 AM
Bonds that separate us
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Time spent working on the mod is of no relevance, neither is the amount of custom ASM lines. You don't get to boast and act like you're hot stuff when I was on the verge of disqualifying you for not respecting the theme, the spirit of the competition, or (arguably) the "no anterior work" clause. You managed to win something thanks to the lack of participation, even though you got third place in front of two last-minute entries, behind a mod that barely had any ASM, if at all. If you could at least act humbly for once...
None of that was your call to begin with bub

I have never seen a mod generate so much salt over such flimsy emotional reasoning, let alone the genuine actual fucking misinformation and rumour-spreading that was spun up about one of the least threatening and most helpful members we have. Who decided they deserve the moral highground over who here?

The contest couldn't even end without one last round of cheapshots. This thread can sit here and dry up in its own shame.
Dec 21, 2017 at 2:27 AM
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do we really have that many people not running Windows 8 or higher?
Windows 7 still has 43% market share. I am one of those 43%. Windows 10 on the other hand only has 32% market share. Windows 8 and XP have 6% share each, and Vista's share is not even worth mentioning. Point is that Windows 7 and under represent at least half of all computer users, and the other half isn't even half when you remove MacOS and Linux stats.
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