OMG! Japanese mods! (Or possibly a DU thread) (UPDATED 2/19/9000)

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Attention readers: The Doukutsu Uploader has died. I last grabbed content from it on 11/9/18. If any of you grabbed content uploaded past that point, it would be a big help if you let me know!

I still have, as far as I know, the largest collection of stuff from the Uploader, and this time I will be able to provide it as asked. Sorry!


OMG! Japanese mods! (Or possibly a DU thread) (updorted 6/12/10)

I went through the Doukutsu Uploader to find the good stuff so other people don't have to dig. Unfortunately, I only kept track of the mods. At least I made a list, so people can see if they're interested in those.

...But I didn't do a very good job of that either, because sometimes I did nothing to describe a mod and just said whether or not I thought it was fun. Oh well! Better than nothing?

Let's make this a thread for not just mods, but also for other stuff on the uploader. Let's not make the same mistakes I did and actually describe what's in the files.

And now for my list:

The numbered doukutsu archives, like doukutsu(1), were auto-renamed so as not to overwrite the others. So you may have to do some rooting. For convenience, I can send them to you.
All mods with maps titled with gibberish will work if you change your language for non-unicode programs to Japanese before extraction.
Always note when I say a mod is just cosmetic or has no changes, I'm not taking into account text changes, as I wouldn't know if there were any.

dou_1006: Different colored Quote and guns.
dou_1006_1000: Seems to be a self-contained cheater/trainer with a speedrun mode.
dou_1006_c: A Curly patch, possibly beating that one guy to the punch. Quote's faceplate is based on the Misery credits pic, and apparently you can steal his hat.
doukutsu.lzh: Seems to be a hack unlocking the hidden Save file and Mute menus, the former of which I'm not entirely sure what it does.
doukutsu: Quote has an adorable hat. Also, the Egg Corridor is paved over so you can't reach Basil. The large spikes in hell are missing... This is madness.
doukutsu5boss: Another boss rush. And it was *fun*!
doukutsu(1).lzh: A different version of a boss rush mod I've already played (0170). You have to collect things manually instead of them being automatically given to you.
doukutsu(1): what is this i don't even - One of those cruelly hard mods, it looks like.
doukutsu(2).lzh: Revamped hell.
doukustu(2): Uhm...... I have no idea. You can get a gun that shoots infinte missile-like bats. It's fun?
doukutsu(4)_001 and one other .zip file that generates an error when opened are actually .exes. They are probably part of mods, and you can't just put them in your game folder. It points to the wrong tile sets and such and screws up.
doukutsu(3)_001: Another cruel mod, starting you out with three HP in a chamber filled with Sky Dragon zombies. By the way, you will have to add the string ©Pixel to the Title pbm.
doukutsu(4): Nothing appears different. I think this is just plain old Cave Story.
doukutsu(5): Nothing different either, but it appears to be a mod...
Doukutsu_debug: The same as doukutsu.lzh, only the .exe is by itself.
0953: I have no idea what's going on with this one. It seems the only point is the puzzle at the start and the changes to the core...
0947: Iron Bond, the cruel Curly mod. *Something* has changed since the one I gave almost everyone... no clue what.
0946: Something called HAL's Story. Needs a password, the bum, who passwords files like this these days...
0943: Hmm... There seems to be a bit to this mod, although the changes seem to be cosmetic.
0938: One of that genre I lovingly call "Cave Puzzle Games". This one's far less uncompromising from the outset than the first one I played. It is apparently unfinished, though: 0.32. By completing unknown objectives, it appears you can earn medals in each stage.
0935: An unfinished (0.99) and heartless mod that starts at the Balcony. I can't even get past Misery...
0930: Now now me, don't be a weenie. Seems to be a CS Hard Mode mod. Unfinished, it seems: 0.60.
0928: Sealab 2020 Story: Cave Story with 100% moar underwaterness. But you can't get to the first Egg Corridor heart container or Santa and his fireplace... I think it's unfinished.
0927: ...It's making my brain hurt just thinking about it... I don't think this is a mod that can be enjoyed/understood without a translation. Le sigh...
0925: what is this i don't even ...It's Cave Story abbreviated. On the plus side, I got the world's shortest non-hacked hell time! 14.4 seconds woo
0923: Apparently an unwinnable Cave Puzzle Game. Of course, Emma-kun here choked on the corruptions of Japanese characters on some of the map names (there's a reason Pixel titled them using Latin letters, mod maker), so my fixing it, which took two editors and much more time than it should have, may have messed a few things up. But I doubt it.
0919: This is a tutorial for either the stupid or people who have never played a video game in their entire lives, because Cave Story definitely wasn't intuitive enough.
0916: I swear if I knew I would tell you. Make it didn't happen, monkey. Make it didn't happen. ...No, in seriousness, it's a twofer. The Miza one is thoroughly unfinished but looked kinda fun, and the 2nd one is a sequel in which everyone and everything is flamingly homosexual, though I hope to my noodly god that that's not why I find it icky. A look at the maps reveals that you apparently fight terrorists eventually. Don't believe me, go give it a spin. I need therapy now. Wait- I always needed it. Never mind.
0910: Another Cave Puzzle Game. Simplistic but fun.
0908: Guy missed his chance by not calling it "School Story". Also, I always thought Quote looked dopey in that Misery credit pic, SO STOP USING IT PEOPLES. Man, when Curly brought out her gun, I thought it was going to be a retelling of Columbine. What is my malfunction? Oh, by the way, 0.1.5. No, this seriously makes me sad. Why, my spaghetti god, why?
0907: A cosmetic mod that turns Cave Story into an acid trip. The Waterway is where the drugs wear off, so the mod is likely incomplete. Some of the replaced music is awesome, but the two beta themes I've encountered replace songs I thought were awesome already. Not cool.
0906: You know the Arena in Kirby? This is it, except with Cave Story. Many doors does not a Cave Puzzle Game make.
0902: Another hard mode mod. I can't surmount the spikes in the First Cave. There's another .zip file contained in it which requires a password, but for the sake of my sanity, I'll assume it's the same stuff as outside it because that's what it looks like.
0885: A Cave Puzzle Game of mind-numbing hardness and wtf-ery. It has a music room and a way to swap between Quote and Curly.
0875: One of those Booster puzzle dealy-os.
0872: An unfinished ( mod called Kazuma's Gameshop. It is funner than hell.
0871: An Easy Mode mod for gigantic wieners and big babies. Of course, you will get stuck in Grasstown and you literally can't fight Ballos because of oversights. Lawl.
0870: Came packaged with a bunch of profile.dats, so it may be an unchanged copy of Cave Story.
0868: Another Curly patch. Quote's faceplate is based on the flying Balrog credits pic... and unfortunately, there's no form of panty-stealing here!
0858: What must be an incomplete mod, as you get a giant finger at the end of the stage. It was fun though. Also notable as the first mod I've tried out so far that has custom music (as far as I know).
0854: aaaa a multi-mod pack FSM save my soul
re: The Four Brothers: Not sure what I'm doing has to do with four brothers, but it's fun!
re: CSGK: Another Cave Puzzle Game.
re: SampleScript: Apparently a hacking guide. Would be very useful if it weren't in moonspeak.
re: doukutsu: Same as doukutsu(3)_001. I don't know which came before the other and I don't care enough to find out.
re: Soreyuke: Incomplete (0.9), but fun. It appears to take place in the afterlife.
re: gibberish: Yet another Cave Puzzle Game. I have no idea what you need to do to advance in each area.
re: re;doukutsu: Appears to be related to that gay sequel that creeped me out. Or something. It actually looks interesting enough for me to rename everything.
0824: Like Sealab 2020 Story, except with less water. Now this is exactly why I don't like playing unfinished games: you're just getting into them, and then they cut out.
0819: Yet another Cave Puzzle Game. They exploited my weakness for Oppression *again*!
0813: Appears to be the same as 0927, but also appears to be different...
0808: Uhm... Apparently 4chan Story. There is literally nothing to the mod.
0801: A hell mod designed to facilitate super speedy speedruns. You are invincible!
0799: Similar to 0935, except with three degrees of cruelty.
0797: Another easy mode mod for wienermaurangers. I didn't bother much with this one.
0794: I'm running out of ways to describe some of these mods beyond "cruel" or "fun". This one is fun.
0793: Yeah, I don't think so. No. Don't bother. Although... the puzzle at the beginning is pretty dern clever. It reeks of first mod, and if it is, it's not *that* bad. So come for the journey, not the destination, I suppose.
0771: Appears to be yet *another* Cave Puzzle Game.
0768: Yes, another Cave Puzzle Game.
0760: Apparently a Hell mod where you're forced to use the Booster 0.8.
0758: I don't know anymore. Every third mod screws around with CS's structure and leaves it exactly the same, yet completely different. I have been mod assessing and losing sleep for four days, and I'm sick of it. I'm through - for now...


Just picked up two new mods from the uploader; I gotta keep up, after all. Let's continue as I helplessly watch this folder fill up with numbered copies of doukutsu.

0958: 0906 with Machine Gun.
0956: Quote and his guns are on freakin' roids, man! Roids! Toroko totally disintergrated!
0755: Great, another multi-mod pack. I can't even call these things by name... I'll have to identify them by what's in the folders.
re: cep024: Another hard mode patch, although this one requires more smarts than muscle memory and luck.
re: error.txt: Another super speedy speedrun mod. You'll have to use the included profile.dat.
re: nothing special: Appears to be just normal Cave Story.
0754: It's madness, I tells you! Sheer unadulterated looping madness!
0750: A linear Cave Puzzle Game, is all I can think of.
0749: I, uh... It appears to be broken.
0748: Similar to 0907, except the music and core are unchanged. The weapons are similar, but less green; could be an earlier version.
0747: Your goal is to climb the Outer Wall. Harder than it sounds.
0745: One of those MyChar edits. You are Mr. Little.
0744: Yet another boss rush.
0743: Reminds me of 0750, except crueller.
0740: Another Cave Puzzle Game. I'm starting to lose my taste for them.
0737: Gives Quote speaky bits. With that face plate I hate. Except the "sad" one, that's hilarious because he looks drunk.
0722: Bwahhh, how come all these Curly games and the Curly patches not replace the icons? Only one did. Am only I and that guy that clever?
0719: Another Curly patch. Quote wears women's underwear.
0718: Ooh, apparently a prequel. You're Misery, and now that's what I call a bubble wand.
0703: An earlier version of doukutsu(2).lzh.
0664: Likely just Cave Story, seeing as it came with a mess of Profile.dats.
0663: Er... Infinite missiles.
0661: Hilarious, even if there's not much to do.
0634: For practicing fighting Ballos with a variety of weapons. You can also fight Heavy Press.
0621: Porcine by-products help us, it's cruelty in a can.
0596: Uhm... You're a Mimiga soldier... and it's a form of Cave Puzzle Game. Comes with changeable MyChars.
0594: Another boss rush.
0592: A boss rush/Cave Puzzle Game. Funner than hell.
0588: Heavily unfinished. I don't even.
0585: Another linear Cave Puzzle Game.
0582: Still not sure how to describe some of these mods, when they're not cosmetic edits or CPGs or don't have one particular defining feature. I dunno... It's fun?
0580: One of those hard mode mods.
0554: Seems to shuffle the events of Cave Story. Funner than hell.
0543: What the hell all these are just CS with different Profile.dats. That's what profile packs are for.
0527: Three different mods in different folder structures.
re: right in the folder: Plain ol' CS. It's odd, the Japanese showed up just fine... Normally it's unicode gibberish.
re: 1/2 folders: Plain ol' CS.
re: 1 folder: Weird... All it changes is the pre-title screen and the start point...
0523: Odd... like 0596, except with normal Cave Story.
0521: A linear puzzle quest thingy that comes with an epic but infinite fight against Balrog.
0513: Apparently a slightly easier version of the previous.
0510: It, uhh... It's a sound room.
0509: Same as 0755.
0508: Lolcats Story? It hurts my eyes.
0507: Oh hay, Coat Story. I already had a later version: 0545. Quote and Curly have adorable little coats. Oh, did I mention it's a sequel? 'cause that's kind of important. Strange, this version actually looks more finished...
0484: One of those self-playing games. Incomplete, it looks like.
0477: One of those Booster puzzles.
0473: Talk about your unfinished mods. In fairness to it, it said v01. A jumping puzzle.
0469: A Booster puzzle with nothing resembling a reward.
0468: Another Booster puzzle, but this one looks fun.
0464: A brutal Booster puzzle.
0459: Frickin' awesome. Or should I say Super? Bwah-hah. Play it. Even though it's short/incomplete.
0458: Cave Story, but capped with a short tutorial for the stupid or those who have never played a video game.
0454: A hard mode mod called Purgatory.
0431: If I'm keeping track of my mods correctly, this is an earlier version of 0755: cep024.
0406: Same as 0527: 1 folder.
0393: A later version of a strange boss rush mod I'd already played (0388).
0380: Earlier version of 0755: error.txt.
0373: Earlier version of 0380.
0372: Come on, now... 0373.
0371: Another self-playing mod. I love these, even if there's not much to do. All are at least worth one look.
0370: Some slight but optional changes to some .pbms that remind me of 0393, and a profile.dat that gives you 9999 HP and an infinite ammo Super Missile Launcher. Awesome!
0365: Seems to be plain ol' Cave Story.
0352: Apparently you're stuck in a maze, and this blue robot is the Knuckles to your Sonic. In Sonic 3 & Knuckles terms.
0338: Same as 0868.
0301: The infamous Door mod that you may or may not have heard of; replaces the door in the Start Point with that eye door. Seems to be the only change.
0292: An aerial boss fight against the Sisters which is harder than it should be.
0241: Wahoo, I underestimated the differences between each of these Ballos speedruns (0372, et all). In this one, you have the Booster 0.8, and the chamber is full of spikes. Large ones.
0240: Same as 0241, except you have the Booster 2.0.
0211: The folder inside is titled "Doukutu(ExHard)"... I'm going to hazard a guess and say it's exactly what it says on the tin.
0197: The English version of a boss rush... I forget which one.
0168: Same as 0197... I think that one is a courtesy to those that don't know what to do with .lzh files.
0164: A hard mode patch. For the sake of my health, I'm not going to play these anymore if I know in advance what they are, because I'll just end up killing myself. So I can't say if they're the same as other ones.
0158: Same as 0168, but this one overlays onto an english patch better.
0138: Appears to just be Cave Story. Notice that I went out of turn on the numbers; tell you why in a sec.
0066 is some data by itself; 0156 and 0016 are the doukutsu file by itself. Now it's time to employ those .zip files that were actually .exes, and see which goes with.
Oof. Not Doukutsu.
Not Doukutsu(4)_001 either.
0016 and 0156 are compatible; 0156 seems to be in English. But nothing's different about the games themselves.


And that was all of the numbered mods I picked up in my sweep. Now for the named ones. Many are ones covered previously, often in mod packs. I didn't cover a couple of mods, which are available on the MiraiGamer forums.

Spur: In this one, Quote, inexplicably a cowboy, must save a humanized Curly from the clutches of a sadistic- no. You have to navigate several mazes while taking names with the Spur.
Santa: FSM knows what you're supposed to do here. Seems unfinished if it has a point at all.
Minigames: Exactly what it says on the tin. You have to kill Chinfishes within a certain amount of time.
HardModePatch3: .
BossRushJa and similar ones with numbers: .
BlueRobot_Advice: Same as 0352; may be more recent.
dou-muzu: A very interesting modification of Hell.
doukutsu_remodeling: I remember getting this before. it's a hard mode mod.
dou_TimeA: Seems to be normal Cave Story; the Nikumaru Counter doesn't kick in or anything.
Barbon1.04: A hard mode mod.


And now for the mods I picked up *before* my sweep, which were not included in the previous lists except where they were other versions of other mods.

0921: Ah, this. One of the first mods I ventured to try. This was a fun sequel that cut out just when it was getting good.
0710: In this one, you're a Mimiga soldier doing... Something. There's a maze to run.
0681: My first Cave Puzzle Game. It's hard.
0650: Haw, I loved this one. Each door leads to a different part of CS, changed just enough to make it absolutely hilarious. Even if you can't understand the words, there's enough visual gags to break your rib cage in twain.
0367: Seems to be just normal CS, although it comes with a profile.dat that sends you well on your way to badassery.
0177 and 0178: Hoo-hah-hah! Woo! Ahhh-bla-bla-gabbo-gabbo! Huh? Oh, sorry. I was having too much fun. In these three (one .zip has two) mods, you are given an infinite-ammo Super Missile Launcher and a host of bosses to battle. Appaku is the Core; Last is the Undead Core; Gura is a gauntlet of several bosses. After defeating each one (or in Gura, defeating the last), you get to start all over again for moar missile-blasting aktiun! A rather exhilarating type of missile indeed.

Hm. I think that's it. Barring any new mods, I'm finished with the list here. Woo-hoo!


Time to catch up on my backlog.

0972/0974: ...Whatever it is, it's got to flesh itself out some more.
0966: I want to say I hate it when mods include a ton of junk I already have or isn't relevant to my needs, but I've encountered some very useful or interesting things to have this way, so I can't denounce. Anyhoo, lesse... This is a very interesting sort of cosmetic mod... it makes things both easier and a bit "harder".
0965: The Core's face looks very Uboa-y... Wait... are these hamburgers? Is that Ronald McDonald? Wha???
0960/1/2: Odd, these all are apparently newer versions of 0793, buuut...


Two more, only because some need the language change and I dun feel like it.
0983: Well, I didn't get very far, but it looks to be a race against falling objects. Fun. And not sarcastically.
0979: Unfinished. Thus far, you have to go fetch a lamp through a complex process of running back and forth.


0985: Another fracking hard mode mod. Though it's kinda fun...
0976/0977: The next bit of progress of 0974. 0976 is broken.
0975: Ehe. Kirby Story!


Updatan for great justice. Once again skipping the language change for the moment.

1005: Another hard mode mod, filled with many more enemies and many more small spikes. Hell may have been revamped.
1004: Earlier version of 1005.
1000: Two mods - "Mimiga Army" and "The Witching Hour", apparently in English. I'm semi-certain they've been posted on the forums.
0993: Another easy mode mod. I think I'll pass over these too.
0992: A rather interesting sequel with very nicely done custom graphics.
0991: So Yeah. I screamed like a tiny girl. Treacherous obstacle course speedrun. No thank you.
0988: Augh no the return of Iron Bond (0947) halp ...Though now would be a good time to mention that beyond the evil hardness, it's an interesting retelling of Cave Story following what all happened to Curly.


Good news: This project isn't dead.
Bad news: It's been so long since I updated, I've forgotten most of the mods that largely eluded distinction, so I can't say "Update of 0###" anymore for the most part. Did I mention I have more than 30 mods to look at now? Because that's kinda important.

To make my life easier, I'm only going to take on seven mods at the most at a time (sometimes ten if they were short or I'm feeling peppy). I'm still skipping ones that require a language change and will do those later.

So, let's get this show back on the road.

1130: A hard mode mod, from the looks of it.
1099: Too - many - doors! I might as well be playing Yume Nikki! I have no idea what you're supposed to do here.
1090: You spend most (or all, since it seems unfinshed) of this mod without a gun. It's all about brainpower.
1087: Well, if it isn't our old friend, the CPG.
1076: Ooh... this one is totally familiar! It's definitely an update of a mod I've previously covered, but I don't remember the number. Hidden in the EditorJp folder is another (mod? version?), but it seems to be broken.
1075: It's similar in style to 1090 and 1099, but not at all like them.
Now to skip ahead to one that looked really interesting.
1019: Aw, it's just a boss rush... albeit a totally bizarre one.

...By the way, 1113 contains a mod, but it's password-protected (which annoys me because of the total absence of trade secrets here), so I can't open it.


1150/1154: I have cheated as I have never cheated before. This mod was in English, so I was able to use WinMerge and find the .TSC files are unedited. So this is a purely cosmetic mod.
1147: This is the sort of mod that's totally boring to all but the person who made it. You have the Spur and an infinite-ammo Super Missile Launcher, und you go to the end shooting a metric F-ton of critters and behemoths. Get to the end to do it all over again, but it's not as fun as it may sound. It's possible this is just incomplete, but all the same...
1146: If it isn't our old friend, the CPG.
1145: Interesting mod in here. It seems probably just cosmetic, but Quote acquires a car of some sort. There's a lot of junk in this zip file, but there are some spreadsheets that may have useful info.
1065: Another interesting mod. I suppose it's a hard mode, but it's not cheap like most of them.
1063: Sort of like the two previous. Quote is a superhero and acquires a bitchin' machine gun.
1060/1061: Appears to be a hard mode mod. By the way, the only difference is that the latter contains a 290 record.
1059: An earlier version of 1065.
1054: This would mark the first time I've said "Meathead." in the first minute of playing a mod. Definitely a hard mode mod.
1048: I... don't really know how to describe it.

Seeing as I didn't actually play the first one (for long), I decided to do one more.
1045: A CPG of sorts. Note that it autosaves in each room.


In a valiant effort to avoid everything else I'm supposed to be working on, I make a return to my list. Because it has been so long, I resolve to look at no fewer than fifteen mods this time. Shame on me.

If you have problems with mods not working, try removing the mod from any folders with Japanese/garbled characters. This is as much to remind me as inform you.

1501/2: As mentioned in the mod's description on the uploader, this is a recreation of the beta Cave Story. And it has English text! Fascinating.
1496: A CPG where all the puzzles are Booster Puzzles. ...I'm not playing this.
1495: Alternate of 1496; I'm not sure which is more advanced.
1468/9: You get the Bubbler rather than the Polar Star. I didn't play far enough to see if there were more changes, but probably will later.
1457: ??? I don't know what this is, seeing as I seem to be missing a necessary DLL (MSVXP110.dll). But based on the readme files, it seems to be a way to programmatically control Cave Story?
1453: What the hell is with the mods that get hidden in these ridiculous tunnels of folders? Obviously the object is to annoy me. Don't miss a bizarre text file entitled "About dragon ball AF" at the second fork, which is in English. As for the game, it's... different... Very different. I'd classify it as a Super Hard Mode.
1413: NOT THIS SHIT AGAIN. Luckily for me, the contents are identical to 1453 (save for lacking that weird text file).
1411: Obviously something has changed, but up to the Mimiga Village, I don't know what. (Yeah, it's lazy, but *you* try playing over 9000 mods past the First Cave when you don't know what's different or where the changes begin. Why do you think it takes me so long to get around to each batch? Even if the differences are readily apparent, it's tedious work.) Note to self: grab the Japanese Cave Story so you can do comparisons.
1406/3/1397/4: A Hard Mode, with Booster Buzzle flavoring.
1392: Based on the profiles, seems to be the same mod as 1453/13 (but earlier in progression, of course).
1389/91: Earlier version of 1392.
1388: Man some of these things are just bizarre. There are spikes in the Start Area and presses in places they shouldn't be, and various text changes I generally can't detect. You can also get the Beast Fang. Anything else, I don't know yet.
1387: This is Jenka's Nightmare.
1385: What even? It has similarities with 1388, but looks to be a Hard Mode.
1300/80: Labelled the Sacred Grounds Trainer, and seems to be exactly what it says on the tin.
1379: Similar to 1391.
1378: Now we're talking. This is a remake of the Wind Fortress level. Sadly incomplete.
1375: Same as 1378, but with some tools included.
1369: Oh, goodie! 1379 again!
1350: And here's 1385!
1336: Iiii... Huh? This is essentially nothing.
1333: Seems to be a speedrun through the Last Cave. Make sure you don't take too many weapons in the weapon choice room (on the left).
1307: This seems similar to a mod I've played before. It's after the best ending with Quote, Curly and Balrog living under one roof, and reading Japanese is probably necessary to understand it.
1286/79/60/59: Well, whadya know? An update of what I called Coat Story (0545)!
1267: A mod in English, Curly's Adventure. Has this been posted on the forums? (It sure haz)
1213: A CPG.
1203: Well, this is interesting. I couldn't possibly explain what's going on, but it's worth checking out.
1202: Hell speedrun.


And now the new feature, a quick list of the different categories of mods. Naturally, of course, the unsorted list is longest, but still.

Cave Puzzle Games (Marked by many doors, Ed boy, each with a specific challenge behind it. May or may not involve the traditional definition of a puzzle.)


Booster Puzzles


Hard Modes


Easy Modes
-0801 (Kinda)


Curly Games/Patches


Uniques (Supposed just to be for notable mods, IIRC)
-1286/79/60/59/0545/07 (Coat Story)




Boss Rushes
-0906 (Kinda)/0958
-0592 (CPG)


uh (need sorting?)




uh (but fun)


Mod packs

I shall put updates at the bottom of this, btw.
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That is a very impressive list.
The only Japanese mod I know is the ones on Youtube (Stone of peace or some such?)
May 25, 2010 at 8:06 PM
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Re: OMG! Japanese mods! (Or possibly a DU thread)

Thank you very much. If I hadn't been a goober, it would have been a master list. But still impressive for my attention span, I think.

There are also some .avis on there, and one set of three is a tutorial for a part of a mod I haven't reached yet. I think it's the blue robot one. *shudders in negative anticipation*
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Re: OMG! Japanese mods! (Or possibly a DU thread)

Damn, that's a pretty nice list.
May 28, 2010 at 6:30 PM
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Re: OMG! Japanese mods! (Or possibly a DU thread)

Everyone should try Stone of peace.
Thank you very much Jackalope.
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May 29, 2010 at 8:26 PM
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Re: OMG! Japanese mods! (Or possibly a DU thread)

Thank you guys for your compliments.

Hm... I'm not sure since I went ahead and let my anti-virus software delete them to be safe. But I learned that, say, a key mapper for Doukutsu would set off a false positive for being a key mapper, so the same may be going on here.

Also, how do you get these to work?

I get errors from using both programs, and yes, they were put into the doukutsu folder.

I haven't been able to get that profile changer to work at all, so I just gave up on it. The D-Cheater will only work when Cave Story is running.
Jun 2, 2010 at 3:16 AM
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Re: OMG! Japanese mods! (Or possibly a DU thread)

Move'd and stuck'd.

This is brilliant.
Jun 2, 2010 at 8:03 PM
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Re: OMG! Japanese mods! (Or possibly a DU thread)

Aaaand *now* I explode with previously held-back happy.


With that, I will definitely take it upon myself to update this thread regularly.

By the way, there is one mod that, not being particularly interested in it, I won't cover: Google Translate says it's "Pikmin 2 Cave Story style". These flavors go not well together for me. The numbers are 0994, 1002, and 1003 if anyone is intrigued.

Though now I do kind of want to see if the execution was any good...
Jul 17, 2010 at 12:21 AM
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Re: OMG! Japanese mods! (Or possibly a DU thread)


The uploader is down. It seems to be no more. Therefore, not only am I the only holder of most of the stuff that was on there, what I didn't grab may be Lost Forever.

So, if you want a mod or such, please request it here, and I'll see if I have it. I'll add the bulk of this post to the first post so everyone can see it.

...Also, I updated some time ago.
Jul 17, 2010 at 12:31 AM
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Re: OMG! Japanese mods! (Or possibly a DU thread)

Bad news man...Bad news.

It had some pretty sweet minimods :rolleyes:
Jul 17, 2010 at 1:03 AM
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Re: OMG! Japanese mods! (Or possibly a DU thread)

Maybe we should host all of that somewhere.
Jul 17, 2010 at 1:10 AM
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Re: OMG! Japanese mods! (Or possibly a DU thread)

Fire1052 said:
Maybe we should host all of that somewhere.

We could just make one zip. There wasn't that much stuff on the uploader, like 500~ megabytes tops.
Jul 22, 2010 at 9:33 PM
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Re: OMG! Japanese mods! (Or possibly a DU thread)

Good news, everyone! I just checked, and the uploader is back up!
Jul 22, 2010 at 9:51 PM
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Re: OMG! Japanese mods! (Or possibly a DU thread)

Jackalope said:
Good news, everyone! I just checked, and the uploader is back up!


Also on the second page there's a file called CS wii footage, that was posted before CS for wiiware was released. Anyone have any idea what that is?
Jul 22, 2010 at 11:34 PM
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Re: OMG! Japanese mods! (Or possibly a DU thread)

Do you mean the one Noxid made using his double resolution hack? He probably mentioned it to you when he showed it to old Nicalis forums, he was claiming there would be a Kanpachi mode and you didn't get it.
Jul 22, 2010 at 11:36 PM
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Re: OMG! Japanese mods! (Or possibly a DU thread)

thecrown said:
Do you mean the one Noxid made using his double resolution hack? He probably mentioned it to you when he showed it to old Nicalis forums, he was claiming there would be a Kanpachi mode and you didn't get it.

Actually I recorded the video, I just wanted to see if anyone would be fooled by it still D:
Jul 22, 2010 at 11:39 PM
Um... Chosen One? Yeah that'll work. : P
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Re: OMG! Japanese mods! (Or possibly a DU thread)

Actually I recorded the video, I just wanted to see if anyone would be fooled by it still D:
You sorta fooled ME, since I didn't know you were trying to fool me.
Jan 14, 2011 at 12:28 AM
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Re: OMG! Japanese mods! (Or possibly a DU thread)

Did anyone tried the Sanctuary Remodeling v1.01?

I tried it is a very difficult Hell mod, but beatable (I kept trying and trying until I finally finished it). It's a matter of dodging death traps smartly... the side Presses can come out unexpected and kill you.

There are four bosses along the way.
Balrog, The Sisters, Monster X, and Ballos with two Miserys with one being real and other a fake. (Balrog is hacked so that it shoots a lot of missiles. You must take out the real Misery before beating Ballos, he doesn't change forms in this mod.)

At first, you choose one of three weapons, go through Rabils, and then search everywhere before you go in the Prefab House. Get the missile launcher and booster 2.0 and go through the hole. Hint: There is a save disk behind the wall. To skip through the first part of hell, look at the bookshelf.

There is a Curly in the middle of the game. If you don't find a crucial item, you will not bring her along.
Jul 22, 2011 at 2:05 PM
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It's not on the Doukutsu Uploader because it's not a Cave Story mod
And I can't understand why people keep thinking it is.