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Due to real life issues, my game will no longer be further developed (to include AI and Netplay). Since I have the lack of funds to renew my website, the latest version is available via the download links below.
Current Version: Beta (11/11/2018)
Minimum Resolution is 1024 x 768
A classic board game developed in Visual Basic started in 2012. I continued work on it in 2016 and then again in June 2017. Game is Freeware, you may distribute, but I ask you don't reverse-engineer it. Powered by Dice Roller.

Get the latest version at MediaFire
Anything prior to the recent build are not available

Fixed an issue in Classic where if you roll a 1 and 6 for your piece behind an occupied Safe Zone with another occupied Safe Zone five spaces ahead which leads into the path of home, you were able to move your piece into the path of home when the Both button was pressed in which you could not use either 1 or 6 to move your piece to an occupied Safe Zone.
For Revision 8 ( - Public)

Fixed a blockade rotation limit related bug in the case where doubles are rolled with no legal moves, the next roll might allow other pieces to move instead of the pieces of the idle blockade (with no special signal if sounds are on).

Fixed an issue with highlighting in the Statistics dialog box at the outcome of the game when you view statistics for different modes.

All the MIDI music now has lower volume in this version, this will now deprecate the music patcher. (You won't need to use the music patcher.)
For Revision 7 ( - Public)

Fixed a block changing bug in Takeover in which a piece in an assigned zone would fill the last block in the Takeover Progress which would then make a conflict on the next assigned zone making the opponent to not fill the next block if there is a piece of the one who filled the previous zone is also on that next zone.
Several tweaks have been made.
For Revision 6 ( - Public)

Fixed a bug in Takeover where pieces could actually move to a space ahead of a Blockade when they're before a certain Safe Zone, a Classic mode conflict.
For Revision 5 ( - Public)

While restructuring the piece movement classes for the new mode, the other pieces at Home in Classic mode were set to move to the same spot as piece 1! This has been fixed, hopefully.
For Revision 4 ( - Public)

Reversed a previous change for MIDI directory, using a different directory lookup where the program is stored. Standalones will always go to Portable mode again.

Changed the way the program creates and manages the game saves. This fix allows to find the Public Documents without being restricted to drive letter C.

IMPORTANT: Please uninstall earlier versions prior to installing this version. The installer will now install this within Program Files.
For Revision 3 ( - Public)

Fixed the Blockade Limits new rule, that you could still move pieces even without hearing the special signal (if sounds ON).
For Revision 2 ( - Public)

Many SFXs have been normalized -9db, reducing volume level.

MIDI directory is now fixed, so if you install this game, running any CheesyCS.exe standalones will always load music. Portable mode will only activate if the game is not installed.

Several tweaks have been made.
For Revision 1 ( - Public)

Version 0.9 doesn't introduce A.I. and Network, but introduces a new mode called "Takeover". You take over the opponent's zones first, but in a certain order and then your zone for Total Takeover, which you look forward to winning this new mode. (It's like "King of the Hill" but with a twist) Please see Help > How to Play to learn about this new mode. And yes, it uses FOUR pieces like Classic so you can do Blockades. Recommended to set a Blockade limit and/or a Time/Turn limit on this mode via the Rules menu.

Added a new rule within Blockade Limits where you can move other pieces when the idling blockade you're told to separate cannot make a legal move, via a checkbox. It is checked by default at startup. When checked, you may move other pieces if you cannot separate the blockade you're told to, and if sounds are on you'll hear a special signal. If unchecked, then you will have to lose your turn.

Fixed the blockade rotation problem where it won't reset to 0 when the RESET button is pressed, I forgot to add this into the code.

Tweaked the piece and safe zone validations for Classic when it comes to pieces that are one space away to a Safe Zone that leads to own Home Path while that Safe Zone is occupied by an opponent piece.

Made Save, Undo and Reset compatible with the new mode, "Takeover". Also allowed Statistics saving and new cheat method for this new mode.

The Blockade Spaces toolbox now has a button that shows you another toolbox that displays the board with numbered spaces for reference, which will help you where the blockade pieces are. Just drag the toolbox to compare with the Classic or Takeover board to find out where the blockade pieces are really at.

Added a resolution check on startup which checks anything below the minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 and will display a critical error telling you to adjust to that or beyond the minimum resolution, and immediately closes the game when this error message is dismissed.

New SFX added.

Now using ClickTeam's installer for installing my program. The installer and standalone are packed in one ZIP. Use the installer if you want music in your game. The standalone game will run in portable mode where music is unavailable.

Several tweaks have been made.
For Minor 9 ( - Public)

Press F1 for information on how the game works.

Four modes of play:
  • Classic Cheesy: The classic game of moving your pieces from the Base Area to Home.
  • Takeover: Go around the board and take over the colored stations on all sides.
  • Capture the Flag: Capture opponents' flags to power up and deal SERIOUS damage!!!
  • Hold the Iron Bond: Grab a hold on an item to score points, as long as you're holding it.
For praise, or to report bugs or ask for improvements, you can send me a PM here in the forums or you may post here. This is the place!

Currently, no AI or Netplay is developed. For now, you can use it for parties and such. Install it on a Windows Tablet PC or a 2-in-1 and set it on a table!

For use with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Demonstration Videos:

Classic Cheesy | Capture the Flag | Hold the Iron Bond | Earlier Private Build

I made this post since I have eliminated the bugs enough to showcase it somewhere in this forums. I have nothing more new to implement so I need to focus on AI and Netplay.
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I made sure the error does not show up. Tested on Windows 10 and even Windows XP via VirtualBox.

Strange that it occurred in Windows 7... as I'm not getting errors on my end.

Did you uninstall the prior versions?

In my code, I am using Application.StartupPath > Music and it is being converted to a short name.

1. Run the program via Desktop Shortcut, if MIDI fails, close it and go to 2.
2. Run the program via Start Menu, Programs. If MIDI fails, go to 3.
3. Open File Explorer, navigate to C:\Fluff Games\Cheesy Cave Story and execute CheesyCS.exe.

If MIDI does fail, it might be OS related... I'll have to change
Application.StartupPath > Music
C:\Fluff Games\Cheesy Cave Story\Music using short MS-DOS names.

Try uninstalling all the prior versions and this one, then reinstall only the latest version. Respond back if its fixed, if not, I'll make a change and release Revision 1 (also, I'll lower the volume levels of certain sound effects by normalizing to -9db)

EDIT: I released Revision 1. See the first post.
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May 25, 2018 at 9:44 AM
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I think I need to get back and reverse a change for music playing... Wait for Revision 3. For now, I need sleep.

There are many ways to get to the directory where the app is located/running.

The original string in the code was
Application.StartupPath & "\Music\" & MidiFile
and it failed on your side.

EDIT: Okay, so I have released Revision 3 of my program. I got my old Windows 7 computer out of storage and about to test my game there, after I install a LOT of updates... So I'm using this code to get the MIDI file:
My.Application.Info.DirectoryPath & "\Music\" & MidiFile
With that, I'll see if it works on my end.

EDIT 5/27/2018: Tested my program on the Windows 7 device, true! It works on my end and the fixes proved the program can play the installed MIDI files.
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