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Jul 31, 2020 at 9:56 PM
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Most recent build and project can be found in the "CSGM July 2020" folder here:

But read below first, please.

So Game Maker Studio 2.3 is in beta right now and the new features are very promising. A lot of the psuedo c++ things I tried to implement in CSGM are now either possible in v2.3 or at least way easier to pull off.

I have made some progress since the last build I posted. The changes are code-wise, not content-wise (save for me coming up with more weapon levels for the Edge and changing the player physics). I didn't polish it as much this time around so playing the above version won't be more than a broken mess of the first post.

I got around to making a program that takes information from JSON files with Cave Story's stage data and modifies the CSGM project's rooms accordingly. The program can be found in the 2020 folder linked above named "JsonToCSGM". There's still some kinks to work out but the core functionality is there. The JSON files can be found under the Resources folder named "Vanilla JSONs."

I'm planning on a more foundational type of project for GMS v2.3. It'll have the core functionality of CSGM but with minimal content. The aim is to design the project such that if anyone wants to pick it up and make their own thing, they can do so by just providing assets for the game and a bit of programming. It's more-so an engine than a full-on game.

My idea of "core" stuff is:
Entity Class (player, some example enemies, some utility entities (like the H/V trigger)),​
Weapon Class,​
Event System (I have some ideas to expand the current system),​
and some other stuff.​

Ideally, I'd like to make the code general/accessible enough so that someone can at least use it for other languages with a bit of translating work. Not everyone owns (or have any desire to own) GMS2 which limits interaction with the project to just playing the final build.

Yes, I could just port the original project over to v2.3 but to take full advantage of the new features the project would require a lot of rewriting and arranging that I don't wanna do, honestly.

I appreciate all of the feedback on CSGM from the members here. Being that I vaguely "exist" on the internet at the moment it's nice to know that people tried what I made and were interested in it.

There's some other stuff I want to show off but I'm afraid of bundling posts and mixing the discussion. Those'll come in the next day or so.

If you wish to email me do so at:

Thanks for your time,
Jul 31, 2020 at 10:50 PM
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You could probably call this Cave Story GM 2.3 to clarify what version it's designed for :p
Also I'm curious as to what features GMS 2.3 adds, considering those "psuedo C++ things" would make my employees hate the engine a little less...