1. Dreamer

    About Cave Story GM

    Most recent build and project can be found in the "CSGM July 2020" folder here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qSLRu8iOCluCXrWHp-aBN8cYitu3fJ19?usp=sharing But read below first, please. So Game Maker Studio 2.3 is in beta right now and the new features are very promising. A lot of the...
  2. FireQuote - Raymundo

    Quote FX - Virus Hunter demo

    Quote FX - Virus Hunter In the year 2037 Quote and Curly Brace disappeared. Kazuma, investigating some ruins, found the blueprints of Quote and Curly. This is how the new generation of robots was born. Some weeks later... Mered, was sent to a mission in "New Texilia" and his brother, Nainto...