A Cave Story Theme for NotITG & OpenITG.

Jan 16, 2017 at 8:32 PM
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So, i've been making a new theme for NotITG that is also compatible with OpenITG, a open source modification of Stepmania for ITG Styled gameplay.​

Video with the progress so far.

Progress so far with the theme:
  • :heart: Made the Intro Cutscene with sprites and stuff.
  • :heart: Recreated the Main Menu of the game.
  • :heart: Assigned sprites for the game modes (But not for Survival Mode yet, because that mode is not really well known or played...)
  • :heart: A different Select Music screen
  • :heart: Dialog. (It might be weird that Quote talks on this theme, but well... yea...)
  • :heart: Remade the Cloud background animation in native NITG commands.
To make currently:
  • :mahin: Fix the Select Players screen with different elements so it doesn't look so broken
  • :mahin: Make the Gameplay Interface to work with Player 2. (Because SCREEN_LEFT & SCREEN_RIGHT are kinda giving some problems with the 8:3 aspect ratio)
  • :mahin: Add more elements for the Game Modes. (I think i should add more for Dance and Battle, since well... Only Curly and Misery are in those modes)
  • :mahin: Make different graphics for several elements that still use the Default graphics, such as the difficulty bars, the Fallback "In The Groove" Banner in the Select Music Screen.
  • :mahin: Finish Screen Stage (Where Quote gets into the teleporter) so it doesn't show the EVENT MODE text.
Possible Ideas
(That maybe i won't implement because sometimes i'm lazy)
  • :greydroll: Make different Music Select Screens that can be related to the locations of the game.
  • :greydroll: The choice to select a character for the Dialog Menu instead of just being Quote.