1. Dr_Glaucous

    Sharing source code with game patches?

    I understand that CSE2 is safely in the DMCA zone as far as that goes, but would game patches be an acceptable way to distribute the modified source code of this engine? My main reason for asking this question is that I’ve seen several, let’s say, impressive ports of CSE2 that I would love...
  2. Dr_Glaucous

    Compiling CSE2 Emscripten

    Disclaimer: I can safely say that I know computer languages about as well as Cookie Monster knows vegetables, so there may be something obvious or stupid that I have neglected to understand. Please expect mistakes of newbie proportions. If you are here to build this port for yourself and not...
  3. Johnny Redwick

    Just a question -- How would I be able to face NPCs in a certain direction?

    So I've been working on a Cave Story mod for a while, and I've been having trouble on facing NPCs in the direction I want them to face. For example, say I'm working on a cut-scene on my mod, and I wanted to make the NPCs face the right, would there be a way to be able to make them face the...
  4. MatWRT

    How to edit the death animation?

    I'm trying to change the animation when the character dies, and replace the "exploding into smoke" with something else (like King Strife and Sacrifice) There is any way to do this without ASM? Or there is any way to spawn an entity where the player died with the death script?
  5. Mash0Star

    Help for credits

    I thought to put some illustrations at some places (in my mod) is it possible to do it? I'm new to modding. Also how do you let the credits play when you want to?
  6. yelp

    Possible NXEngine Mods Question

    There's a way to mod NXEngine or something? im really excited for a mod porting to NXEngine for linux & windows Can this is possible? :chin:
  7. Teuthida

    How do you listen to pxtone voice files while creating them?

    I recently downloaded Pxtone the other day and I was having an issue creating .ptvoice files. It's very annoying to have to create a voice file and not be able to listen to it until I load it into Pxtone. Is there any way for Ptvoice to play a sample of a wave in a similar way to Ptnoise?
  8. LazyLizard39

    Custom fonts

    Hi everyone. I was going to make my first thread just now, and I went into the "Font Family" section on the bar on top of the thread you're writing, and I noticed the small number of fonts there were. I was wondering if we could have the ability to add our own fonts to the thread bar, like we...