1. Jade

    Re : Cave Story (A pxTone remaster)

    Re : Cave Story A pxTone remaster of the Cave Story OST. v Listen Here! v Bandcamp Re : Cave Story is a remaster of the original Cave Story soundtrack, the goal is to make listening to the soundtrack a more enjoyable experience overall. It takes advantage of the capabilities of pxTone. There...
  2. KlartuNiktu

    Using ptcop in GameMaker

    So in the game I'm working on in GameMaker, I've been trying to get the music I wrote in pxTone to loop a specific way, I got it somewhat done through scripting, but there's a pause in the loops, does anyone know a way to use the ptcop files in GM:S, or convert the files to xm?
  3. Teuthida

    "add voice" Error in Pxtone

    Recently, I made some drum samples to be used in Pxtone. Since the program I used adds a silence before exported samples, I edited them in Audacity to remove it. However, when I tried to import the new samples into Pxtone, not only did they not import, but I received a confusing error...
  4. SuperJaws100

    Pxtone Fonts

    I've been having a lot of difficulty finding fonts to use in Pxtone. I have pepotone, Kirivoice, and Tetra. Does anyone have any other good ones they can share?
  5. Teuthida

    How do you listen to pxtone voice files while creating them?

    I recently downloaded Pxtone the other day and I was having an issue creating .ptvoice files. It's very annoying to have to create a voice file and not be able to listen to it until I load it into Pxtone. Is there any way for Ptvoice to play a sample of a wave in a similar way to Ptnoise?