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  1. Reddie

    An ORGanized list of files

    Hello all, I think I might've forgotten to put this on the forums for a while- At the start of this year I once again had the question "Has ______ been done in ORG yet?" and realized I probably wasn't the only person. Thus began a little endeavour I've been poking at, a spreadsheet of ORGs...
  2. Teuthida

    How did Pixel create the waveforms for OrgMaker?

    I was looking at the Org waveforms included with PxTone, and I noticed that they look very organic. Unlike traditional computer waveforms like sawtooth waves, they have fairly natural-looking curves, and small imperfections in their shape. All of this makes me wonder what tools Pixel used to...
  3. Thomas Xin

    WaveGen100 - The Cave Story wav100 editor

    WaveGen100 is an editor for the "wave100" file that is stored in Cave Story and Orgmaker, that dictates the instruments used to play the ".org" files. The edited wave100 files can be inserted into Cave Story/Orgmaker using the program Resource Hacker. Download: v0.9.5...
  4. metallicLurker

    Hey, I take .org requests.

    Title. Here's the information you'll (most likely) need to include if you're going to request an .org. It takes me 2 days for one .org, on average. But I do things chronologically, so I'll eventually get to everything. If you're unsure whether I can grant your request, you can DM me...
  5. Teuthida

    Recording and Syncing OrgMaker Channels

    Right now I'm trying to individually render each channel of an OrgMaker song. Is there any efficient way to do this? Right now, it seems like the only option is to record each channel in Audacity, which takes forever.
  6. cultr1

    Using Organya's Detune Function to Account for Equal Tempered Tuning

    Abstract Typically the detune effect found in the Org Maker program is used for subtractive synthesis, a means for creating a more complex sound with two slightly out of tune notes played in unison. I was curious if the function could also be used to properly tune notes in a single chord song to...
  7. Jade

    Org2x Custom Drums done the RIGHT way

    Alright listen up I'm gonna tell you how to do the drum stuff without using a hex editor, because fuck, I don't know this shit, so I better just experiment and find a way how to do things, and wow, something popped up in my head and I was like 'Oh yeah pixel made pxtone which has pxnoise which...
  8. TheVoiceInsideYourHead

    Cave Story + Samples/MIDI "Soundfonts"?

    So, I recently got into the Cave Story music area, and I realized something I'm not sure people are doing yet. Or I'm just retarded. So, what I need to know is how one either converts .Org into an MP3 or Ogg file in Cave Story + soundfont, as opposed to the regular Cave story sounds. I'm...
  9. Squaggies

    Grand Story (Music Mod) (SiIvaGunner Tribute)

    This is the place where I will be posting the Cave Story x SilvaGunner (previously just 7 Grand Dad) rips. As having them all here just makes seance. Looking for the mod, go here Pick and Choose rips of your choice Access (Created by 2DBro) Gestation Mimiga Town (Created by 2DBro) Plant...
  10. Vegas

    I opened the Last Battle song on Org Maker 2

    Wow, just wow. No wonder why this game took 5 years to make. And also, go here. Then download the Org Maker 2 English Translation, open it, then load the lastbt3.org file from your Cave Story folder and mute the the non-percussion sounds. As shown here: Enjoy!
  11. Fixer90

    Program similar to OrgMaker2?

    Is there a similar program to OrgMaker1/2? I refer to its ability to make music by "placing" the notes on the measures like it's art. I'm just wondering if there is because I have become pretty versatile with OrgMaker2 and I want to see if there is a similar program that makes less...
  12. SuperJaws100

    ORG Instruments and Styles

    So I've noticed through my time here that the resident musicians in this forum tend to have varying styles when it comes to ORGmaking. When it comes to original music, as well as in some cases transcriptions, you can usually tell who wrote the ORG if you're familiar with that person's other...