1. TrashboxBobylev

    Doukutsu Randamu (1.44)

    The prototype for this thing was created on a weekend for Modfest XVIII. And it won! Each level is 118x118 map with procedurally tile layout, hazards, enemies and treasures. Each time you die, you start over from depth 1. You can encounter life capsules, chests, refill stations as help. To...
  2. AquaDoesStuff

    Lost Machine - a short atmospheric mod for Modfest 26

    A short story about a lost robot waking up a year after disaster Has two endings, a bad and good ending Winner of Modfest 26 This mod is heavily inspired by a Cave Story dream I had a few years ago, with most of the areas and layouts being as closely of a recreation to the original dream as...
  3. EnlightenedOne

    The Tan Cut Cola MicroTrilogy

    Heyo. I made 3 mods under an alias in 2019 for whatever reason. They're all short and weird and not even remotely connected to each other. The Backrooms: An endless and dangerous maze of musty mono-yellow corridors. How long can you survive? Is there an end? My Cat is Stuck in a Tree: You play...
  4. FortniteLover2

    Ghost Kitten's Adventure: Classic Cotton Candy Continued

    This mod was made by me, @RareBeeph, and Dean (aka Your_Undoing) for the third Modfest. I fixed a couple bugs here and there and now we're ready for a release. Download: NOTE: This is not the "fixed" version of the mod, also known as...
  5. EwanGreen4

    Dusk Under the Island - Forum Release

    As some of my friends in the CSMC Discord group may know, I created a mod for Modfest II on November 18th, 2017. I have since improved it, added mods and done other great things to it since. This mod contains a short little "under the island" theme, abiding by an aesthetically pleasing...