1. putty

    Custom mimiga discord emojis (sue, itoh, toroko)

    Hey, I edited a few first-gen icons a pretty long time ago and I just realized you guys might appreciate them: Here they are on discord's background, hard to see them on white. (The originals by contrast.) Thanks! Hope you like them! (+: Also, feel free to use them, edit them, whatever...
  2. Raichu

    Microsoft Paint recoloring NPC sprites

    Hello, I am currently mapping the sprites of the soldier Mimiga in Guest.pbm, having used Booster's Lab to convert all the art to bmp, And I started assigning the soldier sprites to Quote's sprites. However, when I reload the image or play the mod, it reduces the amount of colors, basically...
  3. Al-Ameen Adewunmi

    Is there any reason why Sue doesn't wear any pants?

    No, I'm serious. This thing has been confusing me ever since I thought about it. Again, why doesn't Sue wear any pants? If she was actually a Mimiga, then I can excuse that because it's not like most Mimiga, let alone most anthropomorphic animals in general, believe in pants. But she's not a...
  4. Yugilord27

    The Mimiga Hero

    Ok, So this is my first mod, It's pretty much Quote....but a Mimiga. I made a few changes to the lore and items and also added some dialogue. Nothing much Things that are different! There is only one heath upgrade which adds ten hp Quote talks Machine Gun, now dubbed the AK-47 does 3, 6, and 9...