kero blaster

  1. D

    Help with the Kero Blaster page on TCRF

    ALL HANDS ON DECK! So, this is the page for Kero Blaster on TCRF. As you can plainly see, it's in a very sorry state. The article is missing many pieces of unused content that have been known about on here for years. Additionally, now that we have patches to generate older versions of Kero...
  2. EnlightenedOne

    EVERY port of Kero Blaster contains a cheatcode to the debug menu. Yes really.

    First and foremost: 1. I was not the one to discover any of this. That credit belongs to @Rain who actually dug into the compiled code to uncover the details. I'm just a bystander given permission to "publicize" the findings first. 2. Complete spoiler warning for Kero Blaster. Doing this will...
  3. massivebox

    Kero Blaster Omake ending screens

    Hi everybody, I've kind of a weird question. As you may know, when completing boss rush in Kero Blaster, the ending screen changes according to your current time. Examples: 1'12": Basically everyone is there 2'38"53: Only reversed office lady/office guy and some flowers 2'59"25: Only reversed...
  4. AlmaHexie

    What your favorite game that pixel made ?

    and no CAVE STORY,please -_-'
  5. YoshiPilot

    A new category for Kero Blaster boss rush

    Was recently going for the High scores page, and saw that the WR uses a weapon not included in the iOS version: In fact it's used to completely skip the truck boss. So, I propose a NEW category for the iOS version of the game. In fact, I have my own for you to use: Yeah, it kinda sucks, it's...
  6. nobody in particular

    Kero Blaster - The Story You Never Knew *Spoiler warning*

    This is probably the only reason why I even made a Cave story forums account. I played Cave Story first through steam because of it's reputation for being of one of the greatest indie games and I admit, liked the game play but the story for me on the other hand is kinda...meh...but that's for...