kero blaster

  1. EnlightenedOne

    EVERY port of Kero Blaster contains a cheatcode to the debug menu. Yes really.

    First and foremost: 1. I was not the one to discover any of this. That credit belongs to @Rain who actually dug into the compiled code to uncover the details. I'm just a bystander given permission to "publicize" the findings first. 2. Complete spoiler warning for Kero Blaster. Doing this will...
  2. massivebox

    Kero Blaster Omake ending screens

    Hi everybody, I've kind of a weird question. As you may know, when completing boss rush in Kero Blaster, the ending screen changes according to your current time. Examples: 1'12": Basically everyone is there 2'38"53: Only reversed office lady/office guy and some flowers 2'59"25: Only reversed...
  3. AlmaHexie

    What your favorite game that pixel made ?

    and no CAVE STORY,please -_-'
  4. YoshiPilot

    A new category for Kero Blaster boss rush

    Was recently going for the High scores page, and saw that the WR uses a weapon not included in the iOS version: In fact it's used to completely skip the truck boss. So, I propose a NEW category for the iOS version of the game. In fact, I have my own for you to use: Yeah, it kinda sucks, it's...
  5. nobody in particular

    Kero Blaster - The Story You Never Knew *Spoiler warning*

    This is probably the only reason why I even made a Cave story forums account. I played Cave Story first through steam because of it's reputation for being of one of the greatest indie games and I admit, liked the game play but the story for me on the other hand is kinda...meh...but that's for...