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  • I'm working on (another) port of the game JilJil, this time it will be more feature rich and, importantly, it will work on Android.
    On that note, you can help me test and make sure the game is compatible with different devices on https://massivebox.net/jil .
    Right now it's pre-mvp and you can't even play the base game without an external keyboard, but I'm working on making it a full mobile game.
    It's 29th of April, don't forget to say HBD to Pixel :p
    It also means Swim, Ikachan! will play on the CS+ title screen if you have the Wii music enabled (does this work on the Switch version, btw?)
    It does
    JilJil for the SouljaGame HandHeld (and RetroFW-compatible devices) is out!
    Read more about it here.
    Also, in the past ten minutes, I've been thinking about the fact that I could easily release this as a standalone PC/Linux/Mac game so more people could enjoy it.
    Would you like it? Let me know by voting here.
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