1. IdioticBaka1824

    PiyoPiyo in your Browser

    Happy Birthday, Pixel! (It's the 29th in Japan) For the occasion, I'd like to release this javascript-based browser version of PiyoPiyo editor. (It's basically an edit of Organya-js, which is used on this site for embedded organya playback.) Please read the readme here. The sound/playback is...
  2. Scrambles

    Ikachan HD (Full Release)

    An unofficial remake for Studio Pixel's Ikachan. You are a squid who wakes up in an underwater cave, and as you explore you find a community of urchins cut off from the rest of the open sea caused by destructive earthquakes! Everyone must carry a pearl around to signify their obedience to...
  3. MetalMathilda

    Ikachan font?

    I suppose this also applies to CS, but what Japanese font does Ikachan and CS use? It never seems to display right, and you can't speedrun the English translations. Ikachan 3DS also isn't allowed for any speedruns, so I need to know what font I need to download.
  4. Riyan

    Ikachan+ - A remastered version of Pixel's Ikachan (WIP)

    Hello everybody! A week ago I started working on a small project because I have a lot of spare time. My goal is to remake Ikachan from scratch with: Upgraded graphics (will still include the original graphics), Remastered soundtrack (will still include the original soundtrack too), (Maybe)...
  5. Scrambles

    Does anyone have code for the physics of Ikachan's movement?

    I've tried experimenting with Mario's swimming movement (I sampled from a flash game), no luck. The momentum goes away too quickly.
  6. Scrambles

    Complete Remake: Ikachan HD

    Coming soon
  7. Riyan

    Converting .PMD files to midi.

    Hello! I'd like to know if there is a program that could convert PMD files to midi files as I'm trying to remaster Ikachan's soundtrack. Thanks!
  8. AlmaHexie

    What your favorite game that pixel made ?

    and no CAVE STORY,please -_-'
  9. zxin

    Crowned Christmas

    DISCLAIMER: I did not make this mod, I merely made it work. I found this mod while browsing the Dokutsu Uploader, it looked good but refused to work, so I fixed it because I thought it looked good. This mod is actually pretty decent, especially for a 2006 mod, minus the bad English. It's full...