1. Horjaaf

    Translating to Finnish using Booster's Lab, apparently Courier New doesn't have special characters?

    I need to use the Ä and Ö letters in my translation, but they're displayed in-game as a jumbled mess, even though Courier New should certainly have those characters. To put it simply, how do I fix this?
  2. K

    Chinese tradition translation not working on batocera

    Hi All, Below is my palying CS on Batacera running on NXEngine portal. Download game main data and tranlation patch And put it in "Cavestory" folder the game show under Port"s" on batocera. Game runngin good and title can show Chinese charact But other subtitle is show up as funny...
  3. LazyLizard39

    Custom fonts

    Hi everyone. I was going to make my first thread just now, and I went into the "Font Family" section on the bar on top of the thread you're writing, and I noticed the small number of fonts there were. I was wondering if we could have the ability to add our own fonts to the thread bar, like we...