1. names_are_useless

    Mushroom Kingdom Fusion (and the Cave Story Level)

    Mushroom Kingdom Fusion is a 2D Mario fan game based strongly off of Super Mario Bros 3 in its controls. However, that is just the surface of this massive fan game, as it incorporate Characters, Levels, etc from other gam franchises (hence "Fusion"). How big and expansive are we talking? Taken...
  2. AbsoluteVendingMachine

    Cave Story: The Desolate (SAGE 2023 Demo)

    I've been developing a Cave Story beta fangame in the Godot game engine for this entire year and have released a demo for SAGE 2023! This fan game seeks to provide an experience as if the Cave Story beta was a finished game. So far it contains: 4 bosses Dim Caves Central (WIP) Sand Zone (WIP)...
  3. AlexAnomalyDevScreenshot8.PNG


  4. Alex Anomaly's 1st Anniversary

    Alex Anomaly's 1st Anniversary

    happy birthday, edgy cave story fangame.
  5. Alex Anomaly Indev Screenshot #1 (very early)

    Alex Anomaly Indev Screenshot #1 (very early)

    11/13/2023 EDIT: The pre-reset Alex Anomaly is now lost media, and it's gone for good. Do not ever ask for any of those builds.
  6. incubusmochi

    CAVE ++ (Its Still Alive Edition)

    Hey! You probably thought I died, didn't you? But sadly I have not, and I've been overhauling CAVE ++ !! Its still largely a work in progress, but hey! If you don't know what I'm even talking about, this is a cool cave story themed dating sim! Where you date the bosses!! Neato!!!!!! It's just...