1. TablePointFive

    Playing .ogg files through CSE2EX

    Hey folks! I'm new to CS modding, and I'm making a satire mod. One of the things I want to do is play a .ogg file during the credits instead of "The Way Back Home". I have looked through the files and figured that it has something to do with SDL2's audio functionality. I would appreciate if...
  2. kappu

    (RELEASE) Cave Story Caffeinated - fully playable, pure Java port of Cave Story

    Cave Story Caffeinated (a pun on java of course) Cave Story Caffeinated is my attempt at making a faithful cross-platform port (written in Java) of the original version by Pixel. The port is 100% pure Java and does not rely on external dependencies or natives, so it should run on any platform...
  3. Aar

    Curly Brace ~ Ace Attorney: The First Turnabout (UNFINISHED)

    This mod is a recreation of the first case from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney in Cave Story Engine 2. Eventually somewhere along the line I got distracted or something and didn't end up finishing the mod, so I'm going to post it here rather than let it sit in a private GitHub repo forever...
  4. Dr_Glaucous

    CSPB (That's not going to be it's name but I can't think of anything else right now)

    Overview: Play as Garret Hannady as he is sent on a mission to check out a mysterious distress call. I really like sci-fi. Perhaps a bit too much. Nah. Yeah, for awhile now I've seen that the original mod is lacking in quality, organization, originality, and playability (yikes). I can't...

    Cse2 non-latin text glitch (hel p plz)

    Russian text looks kinda sus incorrect in cse2 (tscextended). Please hel p me
  6. Dr_Glaucous

    Sharing source code with game patches?

    I understand that CSE2 is safely in the DMCA zone as far as that goes, but would game patches be an acceptable way to distribute the modified source code of this engine? My main reason for asking this question is that I’ve seen several, let’s say, impressive ports of CSE2 that I would love...
  7. Dr_Glaucous

    Compiling CSE2 Emscripten

    Disclaimer: I can safely say that I know computer languages about as well as Cookie Monster knows vegetables, so there may be something obvious or stupid that I have neglected to understand. Please expect mistakes of newbie proportions. If you are here to build this port for yourself and not...
  8. nicalis irl.png

    nicalis irl.png

    accurate, isn't it?