1. C

    Cave Story Modding: How to make colliders visible?

    Is there a way to make the colliders around enemies, tiles and player visible?
  2. Walrus_Guy

    Least Famous Place

    Name the first map that comes in mind to you Do not repeat maps for save points that all have the same name refer to them like "Mimiga village save point" You can name a big place (like grasstown), and it does not include the smaller places like chacos house so you can say those after This is...
  3. ItsAutumn

    Raspberry Pi: How to install Cave Story?

    I have a raspberry pi 2, and I was wondering if there was a way to get Cave Story on it. Right now, I have the raspbian OS, if that helps anything. Thanks ahead of time!
  4. AlmaHexie

    it is possible to change the localisation of the life bar,weapon or even create new and how ?

    i looked at the beta picture of cave story and I tried to remake the heart bar.After i failed,I ask myself if we can change the hud weapons reinstore money and all that good stuff.Maybe with the original program that pixel use but that would be a lot search so I dunno,idea ?
  5. The Arnozi

    Cavestory Classic Remastering

    So Ive been working on this for about a month, and it is still a work in progress. However here is the link: Helpful Criticism is much appreciated! Edit: Thank you all for the feed back! I will try to find ways to...
  6. Vegas

    I opened the Last Battle song on Org Maker 2

    Wow, just wow. No wonder why this game took 5 years to make. And also, go here. Then download the Org Maker 2 English Translation, open it, then load the file from your Cave Story folder and mute the the non-percussion sounds. As shown here: Enjoy!
  7. Vegas

    I showed my cousin Cave Story, and days later he showed his creation

    Well, it isn't much but it is great to see young kids liking so much Cave Story!
  8. FireQuote - Raymundo

    Cave Story ~ Golden God

    Hi, I'm Raymundo and I am also new here. The thing is that I need help to make a mod, but I just feel I can not. so I wanted to know if anyone wanted to help in this mod ... called "Golden God". I will give details soon of the mod, for now I want to find people to help me. And now I feel a...