cave story modding

  1. Raichu

    Microsoft Paint recoloring NPC sprites

    Hello, I am currently mapping the sprites of the soldier Mimiga in Guest.pbm, having used Booster's Lab to convert all the art to bmp, And I started assigning the soldier sprites to Quote's sprites. However, when I reload the image or play the mod, it reduces the amount of colors, basically...
  2. TheSocialDalek

    A bit confused with the Credits Art...

    So me and a friend are pretty much noobs when it comes to modding Cave Story. We've been looking for the credit art (So we can edit it) but we can't find it, nor can we find forum posts relating to it. This question has probably been asked and answered before, so this is might seem a bit stupid...
  3. ZachThePillow

    CS+ Script editing

    I'm having trouble editing the script of Cave Story + I have used Cave Editor for modding Cave story freeware, and I can't seem to convert those files to CS+ if there's a program that allows me to edit the CS+ script directly, that would be great to know. (I have also used Plus Porter and it...
  4. Mash0Star

    Help for credits

    I thought to put some illustrations at some places (in my mod) is it possible to do it? I'm new to modding. Also how do you let the credits play when you want to?
  5. AlmaHexie

    How do we make new tileset ?

    How the fuck do we do that ?There no tutorial soooo...How