cave story+

  1. Zolax

    Cave Story+ was free (not free from 10th December)

    Cave Story+ will be free on the Epic Games Store on December 3rd! For context, this is the same platform that GTA V was made free on. I guess Nicalis did something good (Also, I challenge anyone to get Cave Story+ running on...
  2. Zolax

    Programming Language used in Cave Story+?

    What programming language is Cave Story+ (not Cave Story) made in? I'm assuming it's C(++), but it can't tell.
  3. YoshiPilot

    Sub 2 Minutes in Hell has been achieved.

    You might be thinking about how I recently posted a new PB speed run on my youtube channel, and are thinking, "Wow, Yoshi, you beat the world record!" But I haven't. I posted the speedrun and was thinking, "Huh maybe I could beat the WR?" so I looked up the speed run to see if I could pick up...
  4. YoshiPilot

    The Future of Cave Story on Mac.

    Welp, It's happening. In the 2019 version of macOS, 32 bit apps will no longer be able to run. This poses many problems, particularly Steam and lots of mac games. However, today I'll focus on Cave Story. I don't know if you know, but freeware Cave Story is 32 bit. This makes sense, as it was...
  5. YoshiPilot

    Cave Story+ For Nintendo Switch (Japan)

    So I was browsing twitter and saw this It shows the physical version of CS+ with the keychain and all that, along with new box art. The thing that intrigues me is the manual. It appears to show Toroko demonstrating the bitter cartridge and...
  6. YoshiPilot

    Why does everyone hate the NICALiS ports?

    Like, this forum seems to have a lot of hate for all of NICALiS's ports. Like, what's wrong with them? Pixel wanted the game to be 60fps, but couldn't due to limitations. Also, the translation isn't that bad. Most hate it because it's not what everyone is used to. EDIT: Apparently it wasn't...
  7. YoshiPilot

    Is It Illegal To Distribute The Nemesis and Machine Gun Challenge Files?

    So, I'm a mac user, and I have mac CS+ running, but nicalis never gave the nemesis and machine gun challenges to the mac version. I want to take the files add them to the game like any other mod. Can someone give me those? Is that Illegal?
  8. MephicusTheInsurrection

    Making a Smash mod (Smash Story!)

    MAJOR EDIT 7/18/2017: The mod itself had a huge meltdown (or complete destruction of all progress in a sense) so it's going to be rebuilt on the original Freeware version. Hello! This is a mod called Smash Story, and as the thread title suggested, It's a Smash Brothers mod! The mod is...
  9. Trucy

    Uh... What does the 2'90 Counter do again?

    I forget.
  10. Whoandwhy

    Vine Story+ Mod

    I once had a dream to make a mod for Doukutsu Monogatari, a mod for the Vinesauce community starring the main streamer and founder of the team; Vincent P. Pasta. That dream was promptly crushed when I found out that it would be massively difficult to portray the detail I wanted on such large...
  11. Gromish

    Camera Trouble

    I looked around the web a little and found only a couple of posts mentioning the camera, most praising it for its interesting way of following the character so that he's 3/5's of the way across the screen rather than directly in the middle. I've been slowly whittling away at this game, but I...
  12. LazyLizard39

    My Computer keeps BSODing from CS+

    Hi everyone, I have this bug with my CS+ application. Every time I run it it Bluescreens my computer and has the PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA error. Nobody else seems to know what it is, and I really want to play CS+. (it also said something about ddmk.sys)