1. Taboo-Me (Pre-Release).png

    Taboo-Me (Pre-Release).png

    Taboo-Me was originally just going to be a bigger version of Taboo-Oh before I decided that the Taboo would have an "evolution" theme to their design. In the final version of Gun v2, Taboo-Me has a more humanoid design with tendrils at the back.
  2. Diamond Dog Portraits (Pre-Release).png

    Diamond Dog Portraits (Pre-Release).png

    Both bosses had dialogue portraits that were changed in the final version of Gun v2 after the boss was redesigned. In the final version, the Diamond Dogs have 4 dialogue portraits. The first 3 for the Diamond Dogs and one for their Fusion Form.
  3. help.png


    oh shoot oh heck he's making a beta remake?? no shut up im using beta aesthetic for now ill probably change it idk what else i'd use since the whole vibe of the mod is inspired by the beta anyway hjeskgtmjktdlbg
  4. PrtCaveBeta.png


    TileSet From Cave Story Beta.
  5. Training Sector Warp (Pre-Release).png

    Training Sector Warp (Pre-Release).png

    The beta version of the Training Sector Warp icons. They were replaced because I found them ugly and was no longer satisfied with them. And yes, the Hub icon still remains used even in the final version of Gun v1.
  6. Taboo-Oh (Pre Release).png

    Taboo-Oh (Pre Release).png

    One of the EX Bosses in Gun. Started out as a Core redesign after my idea for the Core (with Ironhead's A.I) didn't pan out. Turns out the design didn't adhere to limitations so it had to be replaced as well.
  7. NpcDrone (Pre-Release).png

    NpcDrone (Pre-Release).png

    An earlier version of the Drone enemies that appear in Sector Blue and Sector Red. They were changed because as it turned out, enemy positions in the spritesheets are hard coded. In other words, I had to get creative with the spritesheets in-game.
  8. YoshiPilot

    Cave Story Beta Images

    Was browsing reddit, and found this post on r/cavestory: Thought it was interesting. If we could get some translation of the text, that would be great. Link:洞窟物語のウラガワのウラガワ・過去作品補足編/
  9. AlmaHexie

    What was the Story of Cave Story Beta

    I saw the Gameplay at the game conv with the traduction and I asked''What was the story of Cave story Beta'' I thinks the story is that the mimiga,farmer of flowers. Are being kidnapped and givin to eat at Poo Restaurant The robot named Curly Brace would have been originaly created by a old...
  10. AlmaHexie

    it is possible to change the localisation of the life bar,weapon or even create new and how ?

    i looked at the beta picture of cave story and I tried to remake the heart bar.After i failed,I ask myself if we can change the hud weapons reinstore money and all that good stuff.Maybe with the original program that pixel use but that would be a lot search so I dunno,idea ?
  11. zxin

    Unused Content Compendium

    [WORK IN PROGRESS...] This is a compendium of all the unused content and assets in Cave Story. This compendium uses both the AGTP translation and the original version of Cave Story as references. Any contributions to speed up the completion of this compendium are welcomed, mostly regarding...
  12. rysoriginal

    Cave Story android version (BETA) + download link

    So yeah, this is a new thread for "Cave Story android" This game is a remake of Cave Story in libgdx gaming system, this means that maybe one day i could even release it on IOS aswell... Anyway the last ported version was about the version 0.5 BETA 3, now it's currently on version 1.0 BETA 5...
  13. rysoriginal

    Quote has a beta icon?!?

    So yeah if we look carefully at character icon file we see that quote has actually no icon in the original game but if we look at the icon folder in cave story deluxe... well we can find every character text icon including Quote's one (similar to iron head credits image but a little different)...