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  • Man, an ancient relic has been unearthed. While you likely don't remember me (we had a short conversation on IRC once) it's wonderful to have you back. I hope you're here to stay.
    I was wondering when someone would notice. ^ ^

    I never got to meet Xaser. Whether he stays here for a while or comes back in 4 years, it's lovely to know he can still be active. c:
    He is a cool guy ^-^.
    @GIR: Heh, sure, I'll give it a shot. I was probably a tad bit too hard on it when I first played it, since I did like what I saw. My jumping skills just weren't up to speed. :p
    Welcome back.

    This may be asking a bit much seeing as you just returned, but I would appreciate it if you tried my mod again since as of the latest version, there's now an easy mode. Granted v 0.4's easy mode isn't as easy as (currently unreleased) v 0.5's easy mode, but it's still easier.

    And glad to see you're working on your mod again.
    Jesus, your mod was amazing. The atmosphere it created was incredible. I wish you came back.
    Wait so you can't download anything from MediaFire? Would a different file hoster work? Well, it's worth a shot. That zip contains all of the medleys but not the orgs that were used.

    Also, since you're alive, I might as well mention something. Remember a long time ago when I asked you about that music you made to see if I could use it in a mod of mine? Well, you've probably already figured this out from reading the "show off your org music" thread, but in case you haven't, said mod is called "The Paradise Project" and I'm expecting the first demo in probably May or June, so if you die again, then that might be a good time for you to randomly respawn, as you tend to do ;)
    why have so few people friended you?
    I shall make amends for this. (I swear!)
    Thanks for the comments, guys. Bits of inspiration like these are keep such a crazy project together. :)

    Anyhow, I'm no Pixel, but I'm starting to loop back into the swing of things and still hope to have this thing done eventually. Guess that's what i get for juggling three or four projects at once. :p

    Thanks again -- more to come soon.
    I just played Schism... and holy shit.

    That, is honestly one of the greatest mods I have ever played, I hope you end up finishing it some day. I loved the music so much.
    Hey, Xaser. I have to say, I love your MOD. You develop your characters so well! I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd keep me posted on when you release new versions. (I only have the first one. I dunno if you have more out or not.) I'd like to get the finished product as soon as it exists.:cool:
    -Brian (brianbdm)
    Hi, I downloaded the OrgMaker ver2 and I figured out what the menu item "(Unknown) C" does. It clears the "Recent Files" list.
    Very carefully. ;)

    For the record, I say "zay-zer", though I won't protest if you come up with something wackier. Crazy is good.
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