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  • Oh here's that early version of your org "clock", but with some of the chords "fixed".

    I don't really know how to teach you to compose though, you just need to learn theory.

    As requested, I am letting you know that the finished version of Nameless is up xD.
    That made me think of a graveyard when I heard it xD. Though It feels it doesn't belong with the rest of the song.
    The way it works is that the game 'cuts' the image at certain hardcoded locations and moves those individual segments independent of each other; the image itself is simply that, a bitmap.
    Perhaps I'll just say that I think it would be a shame for it to go to waste....
    No I'm just wondering where you got THAT modified version of orgmaker 134.

    The original 134 doesn't have the letters on the keys (in fact in the original orgmaker 134 the keys are black and white). The notes are also orange and blue in the original orgmaker, not green and red. I used resource hacker to put these into orgmaker.

    I don't mind you using it or whatever, but where/who did you get it from?
    Yes, I did make it myself. It's a face picture for my mod, Tale Of The Broxxus.
    Haha, why thank you. I'm not sure how they'd fit into the mod's canon but I think they might make neat easter eggs ;)
    Wouldn't it be caps
    if there was more than one word?
    mod is just one word
    a haiku.
    I simply learned by doing; I started off with little edits, then as I spent more time studying the CS Assembly and various docs around the forums my skills grew. Putting the compendium together helped quite a bit to put things to memory, as well as an exercise where I mapped a flowchart of an entity's behaviour.
    Id always be willing to help people learn, I personally don't think I'm good at organizing actual *lessons* but I can definitely answer questions if you get stuck.
    It's so easy to accidentally post a visitor message under your own username. This really makes me annoyed. -_-'
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