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    Cave Story is Quote's dream, he's in a coma.

    Another boring pointless zoomer reply. Go away.
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    this is where i stand on how i view the entire forum now.

    Same, had many ups and many downs, now I'm living a pretty stable life with a stable job. Though it's a bit boring, but I guess that's adult life huh...
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    Cave Story is Quote's dream, he's in a coma.

    After you beat the core in the labyrinth, then drown, then Curly "saves" you (the character), you actually entered a deep permanent coma and just kept on dreaming everything else, over and over. that's why the game is repeatable and the speed run timer is there. it's the same dream. but slightly...
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    this is where i stand on how i view the entire forum now.

    Ryoutan you old dog how've you been! Always happy to see a familiar face in this giant whirlpool of nostalgia.
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    I'm fucking happy this is still here.

    I'm just happy that this forum still exists. I'm happy that forums in general still continue existing. Thanks, everyone, for being here all these years. This place meant a lot to me and I met some great people and spent some great times on IRC and skype, back in 2007-2012. That's all.
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    The NEW post your picture thread

    lmao yeah, it's old as FUCK. I don't look much different now though, maybe a bit older (hahaha! get it?).
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    stupid ways you've hurt yourself

    not doing proper research and harm reduction on using dangerous substances which lead to a sort of paranoid psychosis and almost cardiac arrest.
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    Cave Story Run - A Pseudo 3D Proof of Concept

    You're literally the only person who has done this for cave story. You're thinking outside the box. I loved this.
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    Haunted House Story - Reinforced - version 0.6

    bro, did you just make that steve aoki tomorrowland song into a chiptune? lmao's that fucking awesome.
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    Grotto Fable v1.5.1 (Last updated 3/06/2019)

    I can't play this game, my laptop deletes the exe files because it's a virus.
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    what's the story behind your nickname

    honestly, I made it up on this forum. I don't remember the exact reasons why, but I do remember the whole ordeal of making an account back in 2007. we had many rodent pets in our house, so that's the second part of my name - Rat. but why woodenrat? no idea. guess I wanted a random adjective.
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    been here for 10 years lol

    just listened to some old cavestory tracks and I realised damn... I've been here for over 10 years LOL. kinda weird how this game is so influencial to many people. looking back, it sure inspired me to continue with art and graphic design and whatnot. and now I'm making a living off of it...
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    Why does Ballos try to kill Quote and Curly?

    he's tripping on shrooms basically.
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    How do I respond to warnings?

    just text me fool, I got connections, been here since the 00s nawwmsayin'?