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  • but it's so *ADORABLE*
    you should draw stuff like that more often!
    obviously I love megaman-style robots but I think you should do various different kinds of stuff since it seems you're good at it. (also mimigas)
    *peeks at your dA, sees heavy mega man influences and an image of a furry character that exemplifies cartooniness and adorableness rather than unfitting attempts at realism mixed with pitiful attempts at trying to make it look sexy like ANYONE ELSE WHO'S EVER DRAWN THAT TYPE OF THING ON DA TRIES TO DO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH*

    you're cool let's be pals!
    That reminds me of the last reason I wanted to finish the mod:

    People here always start mods, and they look super promising, but they never finish them, or mysteriously vanish (I'm tempted to believe that it's probable that at least one of those people have died, and hence their absence). I just wanted to bridge the gap between a good mod, and a finished mod.

    The only "finished" mod that I've seen on the forums (it's pretty long, but it got real mean near the end, and I've yet to beat it because of one really mean part where it made me go through like 30mins of level, only to suddenly drop me on spikes right after a cutscene which KILLED ME) is the wrath of revorshkhenal http://www.cavestory.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=933.
    Interesting note: WTF-story's original design/premise was to be a mod that would encourage explorative thinking, and consequently would present "fake" answers like the first door you see appear. More or less a puzzler. You can still see traces of this in the gameplay, but the puzzles are less cruel than those that were originally planned (although the "System Matrix" thing was originally planned in the very early stages of wtf story, but was abandoned at the time due to technical limitations, since I had not learned x86 assembly by that point).

    The thing is I want to finish this mod, and somewhat quickly (yeah right) for 2 reasons:
    -The first mod I made (metal gear story, the alpha version that was released is probably better than the final version) was more or less abandoned, and I felt kind of guilty about that.
    Because of that, I pretty much promised to myself that I would finish this mod. Also it'll be the first project like this that I've started and actually completed.

    -And second, well I don't know. I doubt that too much fame will come of this. I want to finish this so I can move on, since this mod is something I've been carrying/working on for a long time. (I have some very, very small plans to make a platformer of my own, given that I take the time to learn enough C++ to do it.)

    On a more positive note, I made some new background tiles today that I'm finally happy with, and with it I think I can start mapping out the levels without going back every 5 mins and making changes to the tileset.
    Oh I've played the CS wiiware, I've just never attempted a 3hp hell run on either the PC or the wii (on my 3 hp min items run for the PC, I'm still stuck at the core, since I gave up a year ago there).

    And yeah I'm not a fan of the "Oh Yeah!!" either, since it's both a disgrace to the Aeon Genesis (original) translation, and it actually is not a more true translation of what balrog really says, "Doryaaa!" (which in itself, pretty much has no meaning, kinda like Huzzah).

    Also the boulder isn't really an interactive object, it's like a solid lump, but it gets used in cutscenes, and....

    Maybe I shouldn't say anymore, wouldn't want to give away the whole premise of the level.

    I wish I could give you guys more of a commitment/release date for the next chapter, but I don't work on the mod as much as I used too, and modding has somehow become harder/more complicated than when I first started. But I hope to get chapter 5 done eventually.

    Oh and the "hard" mode of WTF story is actually the standard mode of WTF story. It was made to be played at that difficulty, since that was the difficulty I found most fun. However, other people voiced their opinions on the difficulty, and I can imagine that this mod is much harder when you don't know exactly how to beat it and how it was designed to be beaten (I've seen some players make some rather interesting, complex jumps in the first chapter at parts, where a simpler jump would've worked, and would've also had a higher success rate).

    Anyways I've got to get back to solving differential equations now.
    Thanks for the feedback. (I'm surprised you beat the "hard" mode, to be honest I've never done hell with only 3 HP)

    The short on deviant art was interesting, too.
    Is this still an issue? Since I can give you mirror links for esnips or something (I'll have to upload them there first of course), but judging from THIS post I'm guessing it might no longer be an issue.

    If you still need the mirror links, just give me another visitor message and I'll get them for you.
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