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  • I'm getting better at avatars, I think.

    Okay, see, what we're doing with <CNP is changing which of the two entities in any given spot is a spike. The two entities have different values to decide which direction they potentially face, so you can <CNP them at any point to switch the two entities, essentially "changing the direction" of the spike.
    And goddamn with all the goddamn avatars goddamn.
    Are you talking about my stylish, furry avatar? I love furry ears.
    Well first of all you're using the wrong command. If you wanted to do something like that you'd use <ANP to animate it, not <CNP to change its NPC. But don't use <ANP for spikes, it doesn't work.
    Spikes use a certain value (either event # or entity flag, can't remember) that tells the spike what direction to face. I'm pretty sure it loops so it's easy to find an event # you can use (if it is the event # that you have to change to change the direction).
    To change the direction use two entities for each spike: one for the original created as the map loads, and one for changing direction. Make the first all fine and dandy, but give the other the properties for the direction you want but keep its NPC 0. Whenever you want to change its direction then delete the first entity and <CNP the second to make it a spike.
    You followin'?
    Wait, I'm confused.'re trying to change the direction of spikes during a script event, but instead they turn invisible? And what's this about different entities?
    Since you and all those other people have that blue mimiga as your avatar, and are generally around the same age group, I tend to lump ya'll together and get mixed up ;p so possibly!
    Well I read some more on it and apparently no-one has found a way to obtain the private keys yet, so it's not possible at the moment. Then again that does make sense since the system would be rife with piracy otherwise. Although even were it possible to extract the private keys right now I can't do anything with the .bin file you sent without extracting the required keys from your DSi. I would need a DSi of my own and my own copy of CS DSi were that the case.
    Ugh.. looking into it I don't think it can be done without knowing the private key of your dsi. And, speaking from my experience with extracting .wad files (had to do it in order to build an Ikachan WarioWare screenie), obtaining such a key is not for the faint of heart.

    I'm not saying that it's impossible, it's just.. unviable. Every person that downloads the mod files would need to dump their dsi's nand, extract the keys, unpack the .bin file using said keys, apply the mod, and repack it using said keys. You can't just apply an .ips file to the .bin file because the private keys used for encryption would be specific to that dsi unit and therefore every person's .bin file would be different.
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