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  • Yeah no problem, but I'm not going to be able to do it 'till tommorow. Uhh, did you manage to replace any orgs?
    Oh, here, taken straight from Noxid's Modding Guide, credit to Noxid!:
    So, now we’re getting into the more technical side of modding. Before I begin, I must note that if you are using Sue’s you MUST make music replacement the last step, because Sue’s won’t recognize an .exe with the music changed. The music for the game is an internal resource, meaning it’s contained within the .exe file itself. To access this, you’ll need a resource hacking tool. The one I use is simply called Resource Hacker, and it works quite well. You can find it here:


    Once you’ve gotten that, use it to open up the file and you’ll see a bunch of folders on the left. Open the one that says ORG and you’ll find the subfolders with every song. They don’t have the usual names, but for the most part it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what they are. If you get confused, you could always save all the songs and listen to them in order to find out what is what. Anyway, to replace a song, open its subfolder and right-click the green gear-like thing, then hit “Replace resource”. In the dialogue that comes up, first select your new song, then for resource type leave it as ORG. for name, make sure it is exactly the same name as the old song’s folder title was. If you change it, it will either not play or crash, I can’t recall. And, for language, either put 1041 or leave it blank for the machine to do itself. That’s it! Now just be sure to save under a different filename (songsAdded.exe for example) in case something funny happened, you won’t lose your original. Also, it’s a good idea to note which song you’ve replaced so you don’t lose track.
    Do you mind giving me a profile with the game starting at the Labyrinth in your latest demo? Much appreciated.
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