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  • Me neither, they just didn't seem to want to work for me. May try to fix em later.. I got a little fed up with them.
    Hey, i have a question maybe u can answer. I want to port my tileset on one game i was working on to another... But, I don't know how to access the fileset outside of CE. Can you tell me how i can port it? thanks
    I have the full version on my PC, and the demo on my Mac. Cracking the game is really hard when you can't just download a patch.
    I've only beaten all six storylines several times and downloaded 37 billion mods for it, not to mention trying to make one of my own. So I guess it's okay.
    Nothing much, mostly been busy with school work....
    But I've been cleaning out bugs and fixing a few Starcraft maps, lately.
    'Course I always build towers.
    An usually upgrade them to the ones that shoot arrows.
    I dunno, I've always feared fliers more than ground units.
    Except I do build cannon towers on any coastline to quickly deal with ships.

    And is it?
    You have to get all 12 parts for it to work...
    Downloaded twice, and it was corrupt. I know nothing about that stuff.

    Archers and axers are useful when the computer's AI starts building fliers early. And you can upgrade them a lot.
    I had WC I, II, and III.

    And the Goblin Sapper says that.
    I think in both 2 and 3.

    lol @ blindfire/attack ground.
    I once rigged up about a dozen catapults to attack ground near the entrance to my base in a pattern that made it REALLY hard to get any unit through.

    Oh, and have you ever tried playing Total Annihilation?
    Are you our daddy?
    Haven't played WarCraft I, II, or III in quite a while...
    And sadly all my WarCraft CD's got destroyed. :(
    I see.
    The Dark Platform?
    If so, I bet it was Curly that did it, wasn't it? |D
    Between her and the 50,000,000,000 bullets... lol
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