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  • it's you...!!! the TRUE creator of Jenka's Nightmare!! omg hello hello I am such a die-hard fan of it <3333
    Wait shmitz was on? That's odd.
    Also he's always been the creator. It's not like I took his position as "creator of JN".
    well, then did you just simply edit the mod without any position?
    Oh man you guys are going to risk giving me an ego here. I'll have to check out what you've done to JN when I have a bit of time to spare, MagicDoors.
    So we finally meet. I'm MagicDoors, the one who "finished" your mod.
    I'm a decent fan of Jenka's Nightmare, and I was looking for a mod project to begin with, and yours fit perfectly. I hope I didn't interfere at all with your plans, but you were dead for a sizable period of time.
    I hope there are no hard feelings.
    Also, if you were okay with it, there was something else I planned to do with JN after I'm finished my next mod. It's a secret, so I'll PM you if you want to know.
    Oh my god. It's Shmitz. You are my hero. It was honestly because of Jenka's Nightmare that I started modding, and I really hope you finish it. Your mod also seems to be so famous, that it was "revived" by MagicDoors. I personally believe that it wasn't even close to the awe-inspiring mod that was Jenka's Nightmare. Please, don't leave again. Please.
    You are REALLY famous due to you Jenka's Nightmare mod. Glad to see you, er, here again!
    I have played what's available of your mod, and I have to say it's very good.
    It would be great if you were to come back and finish it, and I'm sure a lot of people besides myself would be very happy! (:
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