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  • Posts in the satellite lounge don't count towards post count. Also, I guess I should warn you to be careful not to bump really old threads because they don't like that.
    Its not that busy, we had about 100 members I think. Half actual posted. Compared to the nicalis forums this one is REALLY complex. All we had was 3 main sections and that had 3 subsections which led to threads. But for some reason I liked the simplicity of it.
    Oh you have to be a member for 7 days and have 10 posts. It has something to do with spambots I guess...
    Why is the nicalis site down? Server crash?
    Secret remodeling?
    Eh... If it's a secret don't tell me then.

    P.S. If you want to reply, either click view conversation, or click on my avatar and post a reply there :)

    welcome to the forums!
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