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  • While small errors in spelling and grammar don't necessarily interfere with communication, they can distract from your main point and make you seem dumber than you actually are.
    I like being clear and don't like it when people think I'm an idiot, so I try to have correct grammar as often as possible.

    And as for being slightly southern? We all got a hillbilly bone phanteon, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't care about spelling.

    PS: Did you like Sonny 1 or 2 better?
    I just saw that error in your convo with nox
    I apologize for pointing it out, but hopefully this will help you in a grammar class sometime or something?
    They're is short for 'they are'.
    Their is possessive.

    Khajit have 4x unarmed power due to their claws
    I try to keep my distance from the giants, but once I saw a mammoth float 20 feet in the air, hover for a bit, and then gracefully descend
    it was magestic.
    Yeah, I think I liked the Oblivion argonians better. They were more lizard-like it seemed. And also more common.. I've only seen one so far, and it was an assassin trying to kill me :/
    Well, nobody said high elves had to be smart
    that would be just racist!

    I can imagine fighting dragons with a weakness to magic would be kind of rough though.
    I play as a khajit because I love being sneaky. Sometimes it's difficult to get up close and personal (darn braziers..) so shooting them in the face from shadows works well too. Then when I screw up and all hell breaks loose I blast em' with destruction spells.
    Haha, that was an inside joke. We have fun. Basically, he just wanted to be banned for a few days so he wouldn't be tempted to browse the forum while he should be studying.

    I'm not very far into skyrim yet, but I'm loving the new magic system. I can cast fire and ice at the SAME TIME
    Why yes, that *is* the reason I haven't played sonny since christmas
    how did you know :greydroll:
    I believe the last time I played I got to the plains area
    I was fighting some shaman guys and they hit pretty hard D:
    I did play it a bit yesterday. I got to the second area before I had to take a break.
    Not bad, for a flash game.
    I typically just leave my computer on and my browser open as opposed to logging out.
    I read your conversation with Noxid, then played the game.
    It was fun. I took the guardian class.

    Well I guess you'd use the controller. That's what I always did.
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