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  • Glad that you like it. there is a Sonny 2 once you get done. I recommend that you set Veradux up to be a Tank. Healers that last forever are the best thing to have.
    This time of day is where almost evreyone is asleep. Why aren't you?
    Well have fun being the only member loged on.
    dA = deviantArt. If you're an artist or writer in there, every time you follow someone's page (kind of like Facebook etc.) you get a "thanks for the watch / friend req " note. Some people are just annoyed as heck to receive those XD

    Oh, and only now I'm starting to be am active member of the forum ;3 No biggie my page's pretty left alone for now.
    Oh hey, thanks for the Friend Req! =D

    ...Seriously, this shout felt like those "thank you" notes from dA XD That's BAD!
    Okay, note to self: Don't talk to Captain Fab about Homestuck.

    (He will kill you, by which I mean me)

    Or maybe he just hates Daedrik?
    Best be safe.
    "Monster Tamer". Long story short, that mimiga in my avatar is... Eh, it's my fursona, there I said it XD

    Made him to star in a fanfic I wrote dating... 2006 I think? Never actually finished the fic (it was huge and I got to rewrite it so many times that ergh x.x;; ), but I grew fond of the little guy to just dump him. It grew enough to be my 'sona eventually.
    Thank you! <3
    But it's still just a lame teleporter ;A;
    [EDIT] Press down on where the teleporter was and he'll comment about it >u>
    There's this game I love and that I play with my big brother, called "Monster Hunter".
    It's so awesome ºuº
    The "TH" comes from the middle of Rathian's name. Rathian is a female green dragon, and she's my favorite boss :'3
    My brothers' favorite is one called Jinouga, so his nicknames usually end up with "JIN".
    It's a little something for people to identify us :3
    Why, thank you! I'm surprised that I was able to apply fox ears to Prince, actually. I tried it waaaaaay back with Misery, but it failed, well...miserably. (Hah. C wat I did thar?)
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