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  • How did you gain your musical skills?
    Did you make alot of original songs, or study midis and let things click?
    I'm currently trying out the second option.
    Thank you for wishing me happiness on the aniversary of my entering of the world that will soon be mine. =D
    I said "even though" because there really isn't much choice in accepting friend requests. It's simply good manner. I'm accepting the friend request, and not just because it's polite to.
    Outta sight.
    Also, you keep posting visitor messages on your own profile, so I have no idea when you do so. Try clicking on the "view conversation" link on one of my posts, and post in the text box there, where it will post on my profile (which sends me a notification), or just go to my user page and post there.
    bu if it's okay with you, The Greatest Song Ever fits the theme of my mini mod perfectly.
    Actually, I was making a mod, too, though it was a private one. I was also using them in that. But uh, I could either make completely new ones, or you could use some of the ones I have made previously. I don't see why not, really. I'd be honored if you used them, so I'll say yes. Oh, and feel free to rename them however you like, as the names aren't that great.
    I like your orgs, man. I am working on a mod currently, and was wondering if I might be able to use them in the mod?
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